Equipment Rentals

The Center for Leadership and Involvement has an inventory of audiovisual equipment, furniture and other equipment for use by groups and often we’ll have staff on hand to help you set it up. However, we do require advance notice in order to accommodate equipment needs. Advance notice allows us to check our inventory and make sure that what you need will be available when you need it. It also allows us to alert you of a potential conflict (noise, electrical, etc.) before the day of your event. If you aren’t sure what kind of equipment you might need or exactly how much it will cost, refer to the price sheet in this guide as a starting point, and don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Center for Leadership and Involvement owns its own sound equipment, video projection equipment, and lighting equipment that can help make your event as big and as exciting as you want it to be. Student groups can use much of the equipment free of charge, but some items may come with a small rental fee. If you need some AV equipment the Center for Leadership and Involvement does not own, we work with several vendors from whom we can rent equipment.

Furniture and Additional Equipment

The Center for Leadership and Involvement owns chairs, tables and some additional equipment available for rental. If you need some specialty items, we can help you arrange to rent the items through one of our preferred vendors.

Some of our commonly used vendors include:

For a complete listing of the rental items we can offer please contact the Community Development and Operations staff directly.