Blueprint User Interface Updates

Logging in to Blueprint you will notice that the user interface has been updated!  This update was made across all CollegiateLink platforms (of which Blueprint is the UChicago version) and is intended to improve navigation, enhance the mobile functionality of the site, and to introduce a more modern design.  All of the functions of the site remain intact, along with all of your organization data.  Here are the highlights of the updates most pertinent to managing your organizations:

  • New Cover Photo System
  • Organization Profile Pictures
  • Group Page Previews
  • Event Page Updates
  • Opportunities Bar replaces the Events Board
  • Updated Site Navigation
  • Updated Group Page Navigation

You can download our PDF Blueprint User Interface Updates document for details.

There are several new prominent graphic opportunities for your page, so make sure to take a look and get your page looking its best before the new students arrive!