Leadership Cohort Programs Info Session

Tuesday, October 2

5:30-6:30pm in the Center for Identity + Inclusion (5710 S Woodlawn)

Come learn about three cohort based programs for leadership development available for students in the College. This session will give you an opportunity to hear more about each program, ask questions before applications are due, and hear from past participants. The programs represented include:

-Seeds of Justice, run by the University Community Service Center (UChicago), has a focus on meaningful service and social change through engagement in the community

-Emerging Minds Project, run by the The University of Chicago Center for Identity + Inclusion, uses intentional dialogue and reflection to discuss social justice and diversity issues

-Student Leadership Institute, run by the University of Chicago Center for Leadership and Involvement, practices effective ethical leadership through bi-weekly workshops and innovative project development 

Discover which program may be the best fit for you at the University of Chicago! We look forward to seeing you there.