This FAQ is intended to help you become familiar with Annual Allocations.  More detailed information is available on our AnnAl Page and the AnnAl Training Materials.

What/When is Annual Allocations?

 AnnAl is a Student Government committee that allocates funds to eligible RSOs in support of their events and programs planned for the following year. 

 The process begins in late Winter Quarter and concludes in Spring.  See the full timeline.

Is my organization eligible for AnnAl funding?

 In order to be eligible for AnnAl funding, your organization must:

  1. Be an RSO with "Active" status in Blueprint. If your RSO is searchable in Blueprint without logging in you are "Active". See your RSO Advisor for questions about your RSO Status.
  2. Have held RSO status for at least one full year.  RSOs approved during the current academic year will not be eligible for AnnAl.
  3. Not be a member of the Program Coordinating Council.
  4. Coalition of Academic Teams member organizations may only apply for on campus activities, and not competition expenses.

What steps do I need to take to apply for funding?

In order for your application to be considered by the committee you must complete all of the required components of the application process:

  1. Complete the online training module before the end of Spring Break.  The module takes approximately 45 minutes.
  2. Meet with your RSO Adivsor before the end of Fourth Week of Spring to discuss your mission, goals, and priorities.
  3. (Optional) Speak with the funding committee about your application.
  4. Submit an application online by the published deadline.
  5. Submit a paper application summary by the published deadline.

Where can I find my RSO’s current and historical AnnAl applications?

 Your RSOs current application and history are housed at

 Your President, Treasuer, and Budget Team members, as defined in your Blueprint roster, will be able to log in to the funding website.

How much money can I apply for?

 While there is no application limit, the committee does have hundreds of organizations and interests to support with limited funds.  The committee will attempt to fund as much of your highest priorities as they feel they are able.

What kinds of programs can Annual Allocations Fund?

 AnnAl can fund expenses for the next academic year that support:

  • RSO events, initiatives, and programs
  • Operating expenses
  • Student travel occurring during the Summer or first five weeks of Fall

 AnnAl cannot fund:

  • Expenses occurring during the current academic year
  • Capital improvements
  • Student travel after fifth week of Fall Quarter                                

Which of my programs/events should I submit to AnnAl?

 AnnAl is ideal for:

  • Your signature events/programs and those that play an essential part in your organization's mission
  • Events/programs held before, whose budget is well understood
  • Events taking place early in the year for which you have less time to fundraise

Who decides how much money is allocated?

 AnnAl funding decisions are made by the Annual Allocations committee which comprises student government representatives (graduate and undergraduate) and student organization leaders appointed by Student Government.  All decisions are voted on by students alone.

What is the committee looking for in an application?

When reviewing an application the committee wants to see budgets that:

  • Benefit the student body
  • Meet the SGFC Guidelines and Cost Guide
  • Clearly articulate the purpose and nature of the event
  • Are itemized and thoroughly and include all necessary costs
  • Include all pertinent information about fundraising and revenue

How can I make sure the committee understands my needs?

 A thorough application that does not assume the committee already understands your organization and programs will be most effective.

 You can take advantage of the optional budget workshops where you can get time with a committee member to look at your budget.

How am I notified of the results?

The committee's funding decisions will be available to you in the funding website at the stated time. Note that the deliberation and decision announcements are different for Community Service Fund AnnAl events.

You can review your allocations by logging in, and on the bottom of your RSOs funding page selecting "View Final Allocations".

What can I do if I am dissatisfied with the committee’s decision?

 You will have the opportunity to appeal any decision reached by the committees. If you feel your budget, priorities, or revenue sources were misunderstood by the committee, you do have the opportunity to appeal the decision. Formal statements of appeal (based on the originally submitted budget) will be due to your Advisor and the Committee Chair in the week following the announcement of funding decisions according to the posted deadlines.

What do I do if I didn’t get funding from AnnAl for my event?

AnnAl committee is not intended to be the sole source of funding for any organization.  They will try to fund as much of your highest priorities as they can.  Events not funded through AnnAl can be taken to SGFC in the following year for funding.

When do we receive the money we were allocated?

Funds awarded through AnnAl will be deposited into your Blueprint accounts at the start of Fall Quarter. 

 If you were funded for Summer or early fall expenses, you can still make those purchases prior to the distribution of your funds, just keep in touch with your Advisor about what you are spending.