CLI Advisory Board

The Center for Leadership and Involvement Advisory Board (CAB) supports the mission of the Center and serves to increase its outreach, support and engagement with the University of Chicago community.

CAB consists of students and staff/faculty from the campus community, with the majority population being those students who are currently enrolled and in good disciplinary standing at the University of Chicago.  Student representatives are inclusive of graduate and undergraduate students on campus, including Center for Leadership and Involvement employees (coffee shop employees, building managers, student activities center assistants, etc), RSO leaders, and students-at-large. This board meets once quarterly and serves as a resource for Center staff.

CAB members will are expected to attend all board meetings; provide feedback/evaluation on Center programs, services, and events; assist in the marketing and dissemination of information from the Center to the campus community; and, suggest areas of growth and collaboration for Center services.

The 2016-2017 Center for Leadership and Involvement Board members are:

Max Clark 3rd year, College
Lisa Fan 1st year, Booth and 3L Law School
Xinyi Ge 3rd year, College
Benjamin Martin 2nd year, College
Maya Shaked 3rd year, College
Sharan Subramanian 3rd year, College
Anika Tripathi 4th year, College
Heath Rossner Senior Associate Director for Community Life, College Housing
Chloe Toohey Assistant Director of College Programming, College Programming Office
Rita Vazquez Associate University Registrar, Office of the University Registrar