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2016 Student Leader Award Winners Announced!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The winners of the 2016 Student Leader Awards have been announced! These awards reflect the accomplishments of great student leaders in the College and the University.  Students were honored for their contributions to any part of campus life, including: work with student organizations, intercollegiate athletics, house governments, orientation programs, community service, campus arts organizations, graduate activities, the Prospective Students Admissions Committee, etc.  A ceremony will be held on May 19th for the winners and their families.  The winners of the 9 awards are below:

  • College Outstanding New Leader Award: Akanksha Sha
  • RISE Up Award: Nohely Arteaga, Alisa de los Reyes, and Vo Ram Yoon Yeo
  • Humanitarian Award: Sam Boland, Jeanne Lieberman, and Ingrid Sydenstricker
  • Bridge Builder Award: Roberto De Loera, Aamir Hussain, and Nur Simsek
  • Unsung Hero Award: Sherry He, Ariella Katz, and Alejandro Sepulveda Mendoza
  • The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award: Liz Adetiba, Alan Hutchison, and Stephanie Greene
  • Howell Murray Alumni Association Award: Emma Almon, Stephanie Bi, Benita Glamour, Michael Goodyear, Russell Hathaway, Maira Khwaja, Amanuel Kibrom, Madeline Klinger, Grace Koh, Maren Loe, Benjamin Lusamba, Tyler Ross, Elizabeth Schutz, Emma Tehrani, Tananya Thamthieng, Wenz Xing
  • Campus Life and Leadership Award: Casey Anthony, Gerald Crean, Sophia Critchfield-Jain, Marie Fefferman, Parina Lalchandani, Elizabeth Miller
  • The Maroon Key Society2nd years: Asya Akca, George Adames, Calvin Cottrell, Claire Doody, Colin Garon, Eric Holmberg, Sydney Ko, Joshua Kramer, Veronica Lubofsky, Oluwaseyi Omonijo, Preethi Raju, Morgan Redmond, Stacey Reimann 3rd years: Elinam Agbo, Camille Corre, Natalie Delery, Danna Elmasry, Kenzo Esquivel, Raymond Fang, Anna Gregg, Alexa Hanelin, Justin Jia, Ana Lanier, Victoria Monteiro, Jasmine Ortega, Saieesh Rao, Louisa Richardson-Deppe, Maya Scheidl, Sarah Starr, Mary Claire Tuohy, Elizabeth Woo, Charles Woods


Women's Leadership Series: International Women's Day

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our best attended Women's Leadership Workshop to date focused on perspectives of women's leadership across the world, how leadership may differ from the United States, and what impact leadership has on women globally. Our panel of six dynamic female students, faculty, and staff shared impressive insights with attendees on leadership with an international lens.

This workshop was part of the Office of International Affairs International Women's Day programming. 


2016 Student Leadership Institute

Our five Student Leadership Institute small groups presented their project ideas to a panel of judges on February 16, 2016. One judge shared the following feedback about their presentations: "I was so impressed by the confidence and ease for which all the students participated in the group prsentations. They spoke with a sense of comfort and commanded on the exceptional public speaking skills displayed last night. The teamwork from the individual groups and support coming from the crowd felt really special."

The judges decided to approve and fund three projects to move forward to implementation:

  • Life Skills Series
  • Hyde Park Jazz Festival
  • Pay it Forward 

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UChicago Leads Pre-Orientation Program

September 13 - 19, 2015

In the week before this year's O-Week, UChicago first-year students had various opportunities to get to know each other and the City of Chicago. In addition to Chicago Bound, the University sponsored new programs called Chicago Urban Experience (CUE) and UChicago Leads. 


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2015 Student Leader Awards Recipients

A committee of staff members from throughout the university read through hundreds of nominations to select this years 72 Student Leader Awards recipients! Please join us in congratulating this talented list of students:

  • College Outstanding New Leader: Award Stephanie Diaz and Brian Steiner
  • RISE Up Award: Alison Fedoris, Tangela Feemster, and Jaime Sanchez
  • Humanitarian Award: Amelia Dmowska, Keiko Rose, and Oluwafikummi Sobowale
  • Bridge Builder Award: Kyle Bullock, Rafia Khader, and Zelda Mayer
  • Unsung Hero Award: Peter Herman, Cornelius Hubbard, and Elizabeth Porretto
  • The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award: Vincente Perez, Michael Schumer, and Sunil Yadav
  • Howell Murray Alumni Association Award: Christian Adames, Yusef Al-Jarani, Nadia Alhadi, Tabbetha Bohac, Jeanne Chauffour, Jay Feldman, William Fernandez, Ashwin Ganti, Alexandra Halladay, Arlin Hill, Mallory Morse, Lauren Riensche, Isabella Rowe, Shaan Sapra, Aseal Tineh, and Steven Wendeborn
  • Campus Life and Leadership Award: Elizabeth Bynum, Anthony Martinez, Samuel Neal, Stephen Richer, Christopher Rishel, Flora Roberts, Danielle Wilson, and Eve Zuckerman
  • The Maroon Key Society: 2nd years: Jonathan Acevedo, Elizabeth Adeitba, Nicholas Antos, Anase Asom, Jake Mansoor, Kiran Misra, Evangeline Reid, William Rhee, Sammie Spector, Ala Tineh, and Katherine Zellner; 3rd years: Aneri Amin, Karen Anderson, Stephanie Bi, Caroline Bye, Jessica Covil, Benita Glamour, Michael Goodyear, Kevin Hasenfang, Russell Hathaway, Gracelyn Jennings-Newhouse, Kristin Lin, Maren Loe, Benjamin Lusamba, Samuel Maidman, Helen Petersen, Andrew Song, Julianna St. Onge, Tze Ern Teo, Justin Waney, and Paige Womack

For more information about the awards and eligibility requirements, please visit


Student Leadership Institute: Explore More Chicago Wicker Park Trip

Saturday, April 18, 2015

After successfully presenting their program proposal through the Student Leadership Institute, the "Explore More Chicago" group utilized the Dean's Fund to sponsor a bus trip to Wicker Park. Attendees were excited to go on the trip and the process was seamless. About 60 people enjoyed the trip, and plans are already beginning for another trip this quarter to Lincoln Park!


UChicago Leads presents William Deresiewicz

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cultural critic and former Yale University professor, Dr. William Deresiewicz’s brand new bestseller, “Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life”, has sparked a national conversation on the issues of educational values, measures of personal success, and the path to self-discovery. Over 100 students joined us to hear Dr. Deresiewicz’s insights regarding the issues facing higher education today. 


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