How do I find my account number?

  1. Log in to Blueprint, and navigate to your RSO’s page. You can use the “My Shortcuts” menu to quickly jump to your page.
  2. Open the Finance Module on the left column menu.  Your President, Treasurer, and Primary Contact have access. You can delegate access to other roster positions within the “Manage Positions” menu in your Roster.
  3. From the Purchase Requests tab, you can see the progress of previously submitted requests.  Here you can open and view details, submitted documentation, and comments for each previous entry.
  4. By selecting the Accounts Tab and clicking your account name (RSO name), you can get details about your balance and account number.

·      Balance: Amount Blueprint Shows you have on account (must be regularly reconciled with Transaction Report)

·      Encumbered Funds: Here the system lists funds requested via PR that are not yet completed and deducted from your Balance.

·      Available Funds: A good operating number, your balance less you Encumbered Funds.

Opening the “Transactions” tab on your account page will list all activity on the account, including providing details about transactions that the Center for Leadership and Involvement has uploaded including deposits, copy charges, allocations, and departmental transfers.  

For a visual walkthrough on how to find your RSO account number, please click here