Society Members

Thank you to our Modus Vivendi Society Members! We hope that you continue to make progress on your plans for change, remain connected to your personal values, and that you keep challenging yourselves to understand the perspectives of others!

Hanna Addis Estefania Espinoza  Maggie Marusek Liz Schutz
Liz Adetiba Xica Felix  Nasr Maswood Sunny Sharma*
Nishant Aggarwal  Symphony Fletcher  Joshua Maymir Karolina Simcic
Besher Al Makhlouf Charlotte Franklin  Michelle Mejia Lauren Singer
AK Alilonu Maxine Frendel  Megan Melloy Graham Smith
Mariam Allam Angela Fung  Nina Mendez Yixuan Song
Kaela Allen*  Christian Galkowski  Gabby Mendy** Tanvi Sonthalia
Isa Alvarez  Xinyi Ge  Zubair Merchant Tanya Sonthalia
Jeremy Archer  Annabella Gong  Max Miller Aisha Suhaiba
Thierry Attis  Michael Goodyear  Beth Minney Susan Sun
Pablo Balsinde  Amanda Graham  Claire Moore* Victor Tan
Gabe Barrón     Stephanie Greene  Samuela Mouzaoir Gabby Thomas*
Elizabeth Berrigan  Juhi Gupta  Omar Mujahid William Thomas
Gaurav Bhushan  Nick Hamburger  Jocelyne Muñoz Keirsha Thompson**
Jacob Botros  John Hernandez  Ruhi Murad Bhaidani Sarah Tinaphong
Ryan Burgess  Marie Hilliard  Jaida Nabayan* Anika Tripathi
Robert Burgos  Chloe Hyman  Melissa Nadeau Hirokazu Tsuda
Tyler Chan  Nora Ibrahim  Kimberley Norman John Van Den Anker
Laura Christianson  Addison Jeske*  Patricia Oigo-Nyaega Joan Wang
Olivia De Keyser  Lia Kapani  Simone Oliver* Sylvia Wang
Natalia Delery  Mary Kilonzo  Jay Ong Sarah Watanaskul
Darien Dey  Anna Kim*  Temisan Osowa Kevin Wei
Meera Dhodapkar*  Megan Koehnen*  Joseph Pak Josh Weichert
Barbara Dietlinger  Allan Lake**  Christian Porras Jeremy White
Alex DiLalla  Cuyler Lam  Steven Quispe Kyle Wickham**
Nhatty Doilicho  Chun Lau  Preethi Raju Chase Woods
Brittney Dorton  Remy Lee  Evan Ramsey Jennifer Zeng
Leilani Douglas  Yuezhen Li  Samara Renovato  Aldea Zhang
Sarah Dufour  Jill Lurie  Ross Robinson  Edward Zhou
Mike Dzitko Milo Marsden Helena Robledo Lily Zhou
Owen Elrifi Ben Martin Jessica Salgado Sara Zubi
Brianna Espino Grecia Martinez Lauren Saunders  
*member has attended two overnight programs  
**member has attended all three overnight programs  

What are current members saying?

It’s relevant to what’s happening on campus and in the world. You will learn a lot about yourself and your peers.

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MV 2_0.jpg

The Modus Vivendi Society creates a safe space for students to engage with their personal values and learn what it means to be an effective leader to elicit social change.

Extremely helpful in facilitating an increase of self-awareness and understanding of your own leadership skills.

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MV 4_0.jpg

The best of the MVS program strips down your barriers and forces you to be honest with yourself and the people around you.

It helped me recognize my own strengths and how I could use them to make profound, substantial change in the world. I am a better leader because of Modus Vivendi.

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MV 6_0.jpg

I think someone should get involved in Modus Vivendi Society because you will make new friends and you will leave with an improved confidence in yourself.

They should get involved with the MVS because its inspiring. I made close connections with several people during activities which will definitely provide me with food for thought in the future. It teaches you real life skills and it was lots of fun!

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It's an amazing experience that should be a part of every college degree. You learn things that you don't learn in your classrooms that are essential to being a future leader and citizen.

This was one of the most impactful experiences of my undergraduate career. I learned about my peers and, more importantly, myself.

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