Funding & Events - SQ ‘20

RSOs are a vital part of the University community and play an important role in the lives of many students. The Center for Leadership & Involvement (CLI) staff are available to meet with you and your RSO leadership to discuss how your organization can continue to function and program virtually during the Spring Quarter.  We know that maintaining social networks (even if done remotely during this time of social distancing) can help provide a sense of normalcy and valuable outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress.

Looking for something to do from the comfort of your home? We have put together a list of resources, virtual activities and event ideas for RSOs to consider in their program planning. We’ve got a few ideas to keep you entertained, as well.  Check out the full list here:  Manage Your RSO - SQ '20.

The Annual Allocation process is still taking place! Find step-by-step instructions here.

Given the unique circumstances of Spring Quarter, there have been a few temporary changes to the RSO funding guidelines. Before submitting your Spring Quarter proposals, please keep the following restrictions in mind

  • Funded progams/event should be open to all students, regardless of whether they are members of the requesting organization or not. In this time of social distancing and remote engagement, RSOs should be prepared to share their plan for advertising their programs and creating a space that is accessible and inclusive of students across varying timezones.
  • No pre-purchases for Summer or Fall Quarter programming will be approved.
  • No in-person meet-ups, events, or programs of any kind will be funded for Spring Quarter.
  • No travel of any kind will be funded for Spring Quarter.
  • Major capital expenses will not be considered for funding. Capital expenses are defined as items expected to be used multiple times over the course of 2+ years.
  • Custom merchandise, apparel, and giveaways will be considered in limited situations.  RSOs will need to identify a plan for how these items are being distributed and why it is critical to be purchased now.
  • No alcohol expenses will be funded or approved.

Your RSO advisor will be communicating with you directly if you have already been allocated funding for Spring Quarter programming.  Your RSO should plan to spend those funds before requesting new, additional funds from SGFC.  These programs must be approved in advance by your RSO advisor. 

Please contact your advisor if you would like to submit a proposal for a new virtual program. You can also "Create an Event" directly through your Blueprint page.

The Student Government Finance Committee will continue to review applications for new, remote/virtual programming for the Spring Quarter.  The funding guidelines above will apply to any applications. 

For more information and to submit your funding request, please visit the CLI website:  SGFC Funding Requests

The CLI staff has compiled a list of resources and fun activities that you can consider in your planning.  You can find more information here:  Manage Your RSO - SQ '20.

Your RSO advisor is also a great resource in your planning.  We would encourage you to reach out to them directly to discuss your idea.  We hope that every RSO has a chance to connect virtually this Quarter.  You can find your RSO advisor information on your Blueprint page.

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