The Center for Leadership and Involvement coordinates access to several electronic resources for your organization:

Computer Lab

The Student Activities Center is home to a computer lab for student organization use. The lab contains both Mac and PC computers along with a suite of software that includes Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

Mailing Lists

In addition to communicating with members through Blueprint messaging (available in your Roster page) RSOs can use mailing lists to announce events and/or discuss projects and issues. Be forewarned, though, that discussions, unorganized long emails, or high email volume over the primary mailing list may not be appreciated by all. Create a separate list for those interested in discussions or internal conversations (e.g. board members, highly active members).

Access to lists is managed by your organization. Current leaders are responsible for setting new list owners and moderators during leadership transition.

To manage existing lists or to create a new list, please see IT Services Mailing Lists Utility. Please remember to add your RSO advisor to your new listhost!

RSO Websites

In addition to your Blueprint page, you can also get space on the University’s server for an RSO website. IT Services maintains a server for student groups’ and individual students’ web sites at A web site can be a great way to publicize your group on- or off-campus, or to share your accomplishments with others around the world.

Only your Blueprint Primary Contact can request new and updated access to your UChicago Website.
Request Access to your RSOs Existing Website
Request a New URL for your RSO

Website Development Resources

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University Training Site
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