Financial Forms

Reimbursement Documentation
Back -Up Documentation Form (PDF)

Contract (Important Information about entering Contracts)
Engagement Agreement (PDF)

W-9 Packet Forms (US Residents and Organizations)
W-9 Forms (PDF)
Independent Contractor Questionnaire(PDF) -this form combines and replaces  the old Questionnaire and the old Certificate of Compliance
Client List Form(PDF)

W-8 Packet Forms (Foreign Individuals and Organizations)
W-8BEN Form (PDF) - For Individuals
W-8BEN-E Form (PDF) - For Companies/Organizations (Instructions)
UPP 192 Alien Determintation of Residency Form (PDF)
Independent Contractor Questionnaire (PDF)
Client List Form (PDF)

Tax Exempt Letters
Letter from the University (CNet Authentication Requried)
Letter from the State of Illinois (CNet Authentication Required)