This guide is intended to help you make sense of the terms and acronyms you will come across in your time working with the Center for Leadership and Involvement and Student Government.

Advising Model – The newly developed needs-based advising model supports the unique needs of emergent organizations, creates new leadership opportunity through a Peer Advising Model, and provides new and expanded leadership training. The new model also pays special attention to fiscal responsibility for both student organization and individual students through an increase in training, access to financial accounting tools, and specific financial advising.

AnnAl – Annual Allocations, this funding body meets once a year in Spring Quarter to allocate Student Activities Fee money to RSOs for the following academic year.

Blueprint – Blueprint is an online involvement platform that lets members of the University of Chicago have unprecedented access to the vast network of student organizations on campus. Users can learn about and join RSOs, find events on campus,
get customized recommendations of clubs and events and build a record of their personal campus involvement.

Building Manager – A student working evenings and weekends in various the Center for Leadership and Involvement facilities to help with room reservations, set-ups, etc. You can find them in the Community Development and Operations Office (RC 006).

Capital Improvement – An expense for equipment or resources of $500 or more that will last for at least five years. These are funded by the Capital Improvements Fund administered by SGFC.

CAT – The Coalition of Academic Teams. This is a committee made up of representatives of the academic teams, Student Government, and aCenter for Leadership and Involvement advisor. The academic teams include the Debate Team, the Chess Club, Model UN, Mock Trial, and College Bowl.

CC (College Council) – This council makes up one half of the Student Government Assembly. It is made up of 17 college students from all four years.

Copy Code – This code is required by the photocopiers in the Student Activities Center in order to bill your account directly for copies made. You can request your copy code from the staff in the Student Activities Center if you are the Primary or Secondary Contact for your RSO.

CDO (The Community Development and Operations Office) – You can visit this office for questions about scheduling/using rooms or facilities in the Reynolds Club, Bartlett, Harper, and Stuart as well as holding events on the Quads. The Community Development and Operations Office is located in room 006 in the lower level of the Reynolds Club.

CORSO- The Committee on Recognized Student Organizations. This committee is made up of Student Government and RSO representatives and is advised by the Center for Leadership and Involvement. This committee deals with many RSO issues including new organization applications and the annual RSO awards.

CSF – The Community Service Fund. This is a funding body that will allocate part of the Student Activities Fee toward events that are focused on community service. Any RSO can apply for this funding even if they aren’t a CSRSO.

CSRSO – Community Service Recognized Student Organization

Faculty/Staff Advisor – A faculty or staff person at the University of Chicago who has agreed to sponsor your RSO and is ideally utilized as a resource to help shape your mission and goals based on his/her professional expertise.

GC – Graduate Council. This council makes up half of the Student Government Assembly. It is made up of 17 graduate/ professional students from all schools and divisions.

The Center for Leadership and Involvement Advisor – A full-time University staff member who is assigned to your RSO by the Center for Leadership and Involvement. This person can help your group navigate policies and procedures.

PCC – The Program Coordinating Council, which is comprised of representatives from the 6 PCC Groups: The Council on University Programming (COUP), Doc Films, Fire Escape Films, the Major Activities Board (MAB), University Theater (UT), and WHPK Radio Station.

RSO – Recognized Student Organization

SAC or 001 – The Student Activities Center located in the lower level of the Reynolds Club in office number 001. You can find lots of great resources in the center that can help you run a successful RSO.

SG - Student Government

SGFC - The Student Government Finance Committee. This committee is made up of Student Government and RSO representatives and allocates part of the Student Activities Fee to RSOs throughout the year.