Spring Quarter 2021 Announcement

March 30, 2021

Hello RSO Leaders,

We hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing week and are returning to classes refreshed and motivated. As we begin the new quarter, we know that you will be looking for additional ways to engage your members and the campus community as evolving COVID-19 guidance allows increased opportunities for your RSOs to safely gather. As such, we are pleased to provide you with updated information relating to RSO operations and guidelines for the Spring Quarter.

In-Person Student Events

Although in-person meetings, events, and convenings on campus are still discouraged, there will be limited opportunities this quarter for your RSO to gather in person, offer food and beverages, and travel within Chicagoland. It is essential that you communicate with your advisor in advance and submit a request to receive approval for your in-person RSO event through the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI) and the Student Centers.  Please visit the CLI website for additional details.

Funding Guidelines and Allocation Returns

We know that many of you were unable to utilize your allocated RSO funding because of the limitations placed on activities and events this year.  Any RSO that was allocated funding for the 2020-2021 academic year will hear from its designated RSO advisor in the next few days.  Our hope is that your RSO will find fun and innovative ways to utilize some (or all) of these funds to engage your members and the campus community during the Spring Quarter. More details on funding are available here.

Virtual Event Resources

While there are limited opportunities for in-person activities, we anticipate that RSOs will offer most of their activities remotely. To help you, the University has compiled a list of free resources and programs on the UChicago Learning Remotely site that can support your RSO activities.

There is additional information on the CLI website to help you think through the variety of ways to maintain your RSO engagement during the hybrid Spring Quarter.  The Student Centers also offer  a video series with detailed training and resources on hosting virtual events. Please connect with Student Centers events planning staff (studentcenters.sched@lists.uchicago.edu) for any questions or assistance.  

We recognize this has been a unique and challenging year for RSOs, and we appreciate all of your hard work in building community among your members and the larger campus. Remember that we are available to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thank you for your efforts and cooperation.

Jimmy Brown
Director of the Center for Leadership & Involvement

Jen Kennedy
Director of the Student Centers

UChicagoSocial: Center for Leadership and Involvement