Update for RSO Training Requirements

August 29, 2022

This year the required training for RSO leaders will be specific to their Advising Model Categorization. EACH RSO will also need to complete the virtual training regardless if they attend in-person training on October 8th. If you are unclear on which training to attend, contact your RSO advisor.

Each RSO will need to complete a virtual training that can be completed at any time over a 3-week period.  We will be using the Canvas platform and you must enroll in the class through a registration link to be sent out in mid-September.  Each RSO will be required to have at minimum 1 member go through the training to fulfill the training requirement.  The training will consist of informational videos and materials from the Center for Leadership and Involvement and other offices around campus.

Virtual RSO Training will take place Monday, September 26th-Friday, October 14th.  For more information on Virtual Training, click here.

In addition to the virtual training, all presidents/leaders of RSOs classified as the following must attend SOAR - RSO Training on October 8th, 2022 from 10 am-11:45 am: Sports Clubs, CSRSOs, Purple RSOs, Blue RSOs, Green RSOs.  SOAR will take place in Mandel Hall.

In this training, students will: learn university policies that pertain to the success of RSOs and understand how their work impacts the university and the student body.  Registration for SOAR will go out mid-September to Primary Contacts of the designated RSOs.  

For more information on SOAR Training, click here.

Here is a spreadsheet that you can reference to find your group's classification and which training you will need to complete.

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