UChicago Leads Pre-Orientation Program

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The UChicago Leads Pre-Orientation Program is a 7-day, 6-night program (Saturday, September 15 - Friday, September 21) held just prior to O-Week 2018.  Thirty (30) students will be invited to participate in the program which will include interactions with University administrators, local alumni, community organizations, and their fellow students.

Using the leadership competences embedded in the UChicago Leads curriculum (Self-Awareness and Skill Development; Working with Others; Adaptability; Governance and Organizational Structures; and, Innovation and Creativity), this Pre-Orientation Program will introduce students to the concept of personal leadership and provide the opportunity for students to explore and develop their own leadership style.

A core purpose and focus of the Pre-Orientation Program is to provide opportunities for student leadership development. This focus has two dimensions: 1) individual leadership development and 2) leadership in the context of a community. Both are important; neither dimension functions in isolation of the other.

Through the lens of “real world” themes, students will begin to understand the complexity of leadership and better understand their own leadership strengths.  These “real world” themes will include exploring leadership within the Arts, Athletics, Business, Government, and Non-profits. Students will interact with local alums who can share their stories and offer insight into how leadership may be enacted differently within the varying contexts.

The UChicago Leads Pre-Orientation Program is being offered at no-cost to students.  Housing and meals will be provided during the program.  Students will be responsible for any personal or incidental expenses.



  • Applications Available:                         Friday, April 13
  • Applications Deadline:                          Friday, June 15
  • Decisions Announced:                          Friday, July 6
  • Student Confirmations Due:                 Friday, July 13