Raising Funds

Student Organizations can raise funds is a number of ways. You are encouraged to look into funding sources both inside the University and out.

It is important to note that University policies do not allow student organizations to utilize any third-party systems for ecommerce.  This means you cannot collect funds through sites like Paypal, Venmo, Eventbrite, or Kickstarter, nor can you utilize any credit card transaction apps like Square.

Ticket sales for event can be accommodated through the Logan Box Office.  Work with your advisor and the Financial Operations office to expore any  potential ecommerce options.

Fundraising and Depositing Funds

Depositing Cash and Checks

Overview of Campus Funding Sources

Fundraising Guidelines and information (for sources outside the university)

University Funding

Funding Request Process in Blueprint

Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC)

Summer SGFC

Community Service Fund

Annual Allocations

The Dean's Fund

OMSA Allocations Board

Student Organization Catering Fund

Student Fine Arts Fund

Student Creativity Grants

Graduate Council Funding (for graduate groups)

Funding Resources

Funding FAQs

Overview of Campus Funding Sources

*If you have additional ideas for fundraising, please see you advisor to discuss your plan.