In-Person Event Procedures

How to submit an event on Blueprint: (1) Login (2) Click on your "RSO Profile" (3) Navigate to "Events" on the Organization Tools section (4) Click "Create an Event" (5 )Fill out the form & submit.

Although in-person meetings, events, and convenings on campus are still discouraged, there will be limited opportunities this quarter for your RSO to gather in person, offer food and beverages, and travel within Chicagoland.  As you begin to think about your Summer Quarter programming, it is important to remember that many activities or events can accomplish their goals remotely and should continue to be held virtually.

For the Summer Quarter ‘21, the following guidelines will be in place for all in-person activities:

  • A variety of spaces have been identified for potential in-person RSO events, including rooms in the Reynolds Club, Mandel Hall, Ida Noyes Hall, Bartlett Hall, and the Logan Center, as well as the Quads or campus tents.
  • Food and beverages (excluding personal water bottles) will be approved only at events with demonstrated, programmatic needs.
  • In-person tabling will continue to be unavailable. RSOs can request to use the Reynolds Club Marketplace or the Student Activities Center (RC 001) for individual distribution/pick-up opportunities. More information can be found here.
  • Most student organization travel will continue to be restricted. Travel within the Chicagoland area may be approved with additional guidelines.
  • No in-person group singing (masked or unmasked) will be approved at this time.
  • Following the guidelines established by Athletics & Recreation, there will be no in-person Sports Club activities approved for the Spring Quarter.

Any in-person student event will be required to comply with current city and state, as well as all University, guidelines, and restrictions to prioritize the health and safety of your members. This includes, but is not limited to, upholding all expectations of the UChicago Health Pact, including wearing an approved face covering, maintaining a distance of at least six feet from others, washing hands frequently, and self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. RSOs that host approved events are required to provide an attendance roster for contact tracing.

In-person student events are still required to be submitted for approval through Blueprint. All approved RSO events will be required to have a University monitor present; as such, your event may be restricted to particular hours and days of the week. Event requests should be submitted at least three weeks in advance to allow enough time for review and approval.

Before submitting your request to host an in-person student event this quarter, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the following process and guidelines. Event proposals that do not follow the guidelines for in-person student events will not be considered for approval. In-person student events that occur without approval or that violate the event guidelines may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of University benefits and privileges.

  1. We recommend meeting with your RSO advisor before beginning the approval process.
  2. Submit your event proposal via Blueprint. The 5-step submission process is illustrated at the top of this page.  Proposals should be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of the ideal date of event.
  3. Your RSO advisor will reach out to schedule preliminary meeting.  This meeting will include representatives from your RSO, CLI, and Student Centers.  Please reply promptly to this meeting request. Major delays in scheduling this preliminary meeting may affect the possibility of your approval.
  4. If your event is tentatively approved, you will work with Student Centers staff to confirm an appropriate location.
  5. There may be additional meetings required to facilitate planning before your event.

At your preliminary meeting, come prepared to discuss a multitude of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Funding and event-related purchases
  • Event Communication
  • Venue Capacities & the registration/RSVP process
  • Social Distancing & PPE Requirements
  • Event Staffing
  • Detailed Event Timeline
  • Room & Equipment Needs

All in-person student events will require attendees to RSVP through the Blueprint system. The RSVP system will be closed two (2) business days before the scheduled event.  Your CLI/Student Centers advisors will confirm RSVP list once closed.

All event registration and RSVPs must be completed in advance – walk-ups/on-site registration is not permitted, and anyone not on the submitted RSVP list will not be permitted into the venue. You may not accept more RSVPs than you have available space, and you may not keep a waiting list.

CLI/Student Centers advisors will issue individualized tickets to your approved guest list. All guests must show up with their associated ticket either printed or on their phone. Guests without a pre-distributed, individualized ticket will not be permitted entry.

Student event planners will be required to manage their own check-in and check-out of each guest. It is important to make sure all individuals at the event check-in before doing anything else and check-out at the end of the event and clear the venue at the time of check-out for contact tracing accuracy.

Your scheduled space will remain locked until the beginning of the reservation to avoid cross contamination. A CLI or Student Centers staff member will be present at the start of the reservation and will do periodic spot checks for compliance.

The Student Centers will ensure all rooms are properly sanitized and hand sanitizing stations are available throughout facility.

Student planners will be responsible for checking in attendees against the previously provided RSVP list.

Student planners will be responsible for enforcing social distance and PPE guidelines for all attendees.

Sanitizing supplies will be made available throughout space for attendees to use. We recommend sanitizing the space before the event and require event planners to sanitize the space after the event.

In-Person Event Process

What aspects of planning an in-person event should you consider?

  1. COVID-19 REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: This includes all city, state, and University guidelines/ restrictions such as those outlined in the UChicago Health Pact.
  2. GENERAL GUIDELINES: Review the "Do's and Don'ts" for specific activities related to RSOs.
  3. STAFF SUPPORT: Throughout the process you will be supported by your RSO Advisor in the Center for Leadership & Involvement as well as the Student Centers Team.

Please also note that as COVID-19 guidance and policies can and do often change rapidly. At any point in the planning process you should be prepared to adapt to updated requirements, to communicate with your team and guests quickly, and to potentially even postpone or cancel your event. All events that are approved are contingent upon thorough planning, execution, compliance with all guidelines, and the relative stability of the current climate of COVID-19 in our community.

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