In-Person Event Procedures

The following guidelines apply to meetings organized in an on-campus venue or location:

  • Convenings must adhere to all Chicago Department of Public Health and University guidance for in-person gathering at the time of the meeting or event, which may include limited attendance or capacity, face coverings, or require other mitigations for health and safety.
  • As of March 4, 2022, face coverings are optional for UChicago students, employees, and visitors inside University facilities except during instructional periods in classrooms and instructional laboratory spaces which require proper masking through March 19, 2022. RSOs may not require participants to wear masks for any activities. Communications for events could include:
    • “This is a mask-optional convening. We strongly encourage unvaccinated individuals and those preferring to wear masks to do so.”
  • University organizers may not ask or record the vaccination status of would-be participants who are University students or employees. UChicago employees and students are required to comply with UChicago vaccination requirements in order to engage in on-campus and in-person University activities; therefore, the presentation of a current UChicago I.D. is an acceptable indicator of compliance.
    • RSOs that are interested in verifying proof of vaccination (and/or COVID test results) from non-University visitors must contact their RSO advisor to review this protocol and gain approval.
  • Similarly, RSOs planning any event/activity involving wind instruments (brass, woodwind, bagpipes, etc.) must contact their RSO advisor to review the requirements and gain approval.

You can find some additional recommendations and best practices for in-person gatherings in the menus below.

  • Convene outdoors when possible.
  • Provide options for guests to distance themselves from others as appropriate through seating and/or generous circulation space. This is often referred to as “breathing room”.
  • Keep a list of attendee names and contact information in case contact tracing is required.
  • Limit bottlenecks at check-in, registration, food pick-up, or other areas by staggering arrival or departure times.
  • Consider any reasonable accommodation requests to allow participants to engage virtually.
  • Monitor federal, state, city, and University guidelines as your event date approaches, and be ready to pivot if needed. Regulations and COVID protocol can change quickly, and all events are subject to current University guidance at the time they occur, rather than the time they were planned.RSOs
  • RSOs should consider identifying a monitor for each of their events. The monitor should be familiar with the room capacity, identify where breathing space is available if requested, and provide any additional information for attendees.
  • RSO monitors should be easily identifiable for guests to ask questions and/or ask for accommodations.
  • Individually packaged or boxed meals are more hygienic than buffet-style meals. Avoid shared food and utensils whenever possible.
    • If individual meals are not available, RSOs should designate one student (who should be masked and wearing gloves) individually plate the food for the members, rather than having members serve themselves.
  • Unvaccinated individuals should be provided with 6-foot social distance from others while actively eating or drinking.
  • When using venues with drinking water dispensers, encourage attendees to bring their own refillable water bottle.
  • Confirm what steps the venue has in place to clean and sanitize the event space and shared areas, such as restrooms.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for attendees as needed.
  • Visitors, including applicable vendors, must by advised of Visitor Guidelines by the RSO inviting them to campus and before convening on campus.
  • RSOs who are interested in requiring proof of vaccination from visitors must contact their RSO advisor to review this protocol and gain approval.
  • Any RSO wanting to travel (or pay the travel expenses for a visitor) must complete the Travel Request Form.
  • RSOs should monitor state and local travel advisories to confirm that there is no advisory for their intended destination.
  • International RSO travel is not permitted at this time.
  • Review the University Compliance Checklist in advance of planning any event involving minors.
  • Plan in advance to have adequate space for social distancing for all attendees and consider if masks may be appropriate given the age of your attendees.

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