RSO Orange Group Training

This is the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) training that is required for Orange RSOs to earn or maintain recognized status at the University of Chicago.  In this training, students will: learn university policies that pertain to the success of RSOs, interact with their assigned advisor, and understand how their work impacts the university and the student body.  

*If your RSO is classified as Green, Blue, Purple, Community Service RSO, or a Sports Club, click here to find your training information.

Training Objectives

  1. To provide RSO leaders resources and information to help them feel prepared to lead their organization and peers
  2. To give opportunities for RSO leaders to expand their knowledge on topics such as: leadership of peers, freedom of expression, budgeting, and campus resources
  3. To provide RSO leaders information and processes of their fiscal responsibility and opportunities

For Orange RSOs, this training will be virtual and must be completed by Sunday, October 17th at 11:59pm.  Each RSO will be required to have at minimum 1 member go through the training to fulfill the training requirement.  The training will consist of informational videos and materials from the Center for Leadership and Involvement and other offices around campus.

To register and access the training, click here.

UChicagoSocial: Center for Leadership and Involvement