RSO Training

The Center for Leadership and Involvement works to make sure you have all of the information and training that you need to manage your organization, fund and plan events, and build support networks. You can work with your advisors to identify further training options you would be interested in completing, either as an individual leader or with your entire board or membership.

Required Trainings

Student Organization Reapplication & Training (SORT)

Each fall your organization will need to have two representatives participate in a mandatory training customized for your organization in order to retain your RSO status. Information will be provided to you directly about the components and logistical details for your particular training.

Supplemental Trainings

RSO Workshops

The Center for Leadership and Involvement has a series of RSO Traning workshops on specific topis for your leadership and members to take advantage of. We will provide a quarterly schedule of opportunities, and we always welcome your feedback on what particular trainings you would like to see in the future.

Leadership Tranings

The Center for Leadership and Involvement coordinates UChicago Leads, a comprehensive leadership training program. A primary component of this program is the Student Leadership Institute. Outside of that application based program, this staff can help your organization through access to StrengthsQuest materials and trainings, general leadership tips, and Leadership Workshops.