All required videos and questions will be availalbe starting Tuesday, September 29th.  Each RSO will have until Friday, October 16th at 11:59pm CST to complete the training.

We ask that each RSO's president or position equivalent complete the training, as there will be information that they will be responsible for knowing.  However, more than one person in your organization can go through the training if they wish.

Since this year's training is through Canvas, you must enroll in the Canvas class through this link: Training Registration

Each RSO must watch 7 required videos:

  • RSO Expectations
  • RSO Activties during COVID
  • Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Support Training
  • RSO Constitution Expectations
  • Student Government Funding
  • How to Spend RSO Funds
  • RSO Preferred Vendor Policy

With each required video, there will be a small quiz that covers the most important part of each video.  You must pass all of these quizzes in order to get credit for the training.  There will also be supplemental resources for you to take with you.

To supplement the required videos, this training will offer several videos that will aid in your RSO management.  The supplemental videos include: 

  • Community Engagement
  • Center for Identity + Inclusion Resources
  • RSO Fundraising and Alumni Network
  • Health and Wellness Resources
  • Institute of Politics Resources
  • RSO Leadership Transition
  • Blueprint Navigation
  • How to Use Your Advisor
  • RSO Recruitment
  • RSO Policies
    • Travel Policy
    • Alcohol Policy
    • Political Campaign Policy

We encourage you to watch the videos that align with your RSO mission and activities.

Yes, you can represent up to 2 RSOs at SOAR. The first Canvas module will be the opportunity for you to say which RSO(s) will be associated with your UChicago CNet.

This information is in the "About" section on your organizational Blueprint page.

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