SOAR Schedule

Below is the schedule for the day:

October 9th, 2021

Start in Mandel Hall
9:45 am - Check-in begins
10:00 am - SOAR 2021 Begins
10:00 am - Welcome Session

Move to Stuart Hall
11:15 am - Educational Session
12:00 pm - Lunch
12:10 pm - Advisor Session (right after lunch)
1:00 pm - SOAR Ends

Educational Sessions Descriptions

Below is a list of the Educational Sessions and their descriptions. Please read it over and choose to attend one that best fits your RSO needs:

Stuart 101

Title: Recruitment & Member Engagement

Presenter: Rebecca DeRose, Student Involvement Advisor

Description: How many times does your RSO have people sign-up but not show up? And do your members stay? Whether you are trying to grow your member base, reach first year students, or develop leaders within your organization recruitment practices and member engagement are essential. This workshop will help your RSO identify actionable items to create a plan to meet your recruitment goals.

Stuart 102

Title: Effective RSO Programming with COVID Policies

Presenter: Summer Long, Vice President of Student Organizations & Neville Nazareth, Committee on Recognized Student Organizations (CORSO) Chair; Undergraduate Student Government

Description: Come to the workshop by the USG Committee on RSOs to learn ways to enhance your programming ideas for the year! We will be sharing strategies to elicit greater engagement in events and meetings in a time when the transition back to in-person can prove to be difficult to balance. This workshop will be beneficial for all RSOs regardless of activity last year

Stuart 104

Title: Effective Leadership Transitions

Presenter: Karina Pabón, Student Involvement Advisor

Description: Learn how to successfully work with incoming student leaders in your RSO to review and learn from previous events and programs while preparing the new leader to take on the role. In this session you will learn how to create a solid foundation to succeed in the upcoming year. Attendees will reflect on their RSOs accomplishments and areas of improvement to outline future projects and goals.

Stuart 105

Title: Important RSO Policies to Know

Presenter: Casey Talbot VanEpps, Assistant Director for Student Leadership Development

Description: This session on RSO policy review will help you to understand the guidelines that keep RSO activities safe, healthy, and compliant. We’ll cover policies related to travel, food, contracts, approved vendors, and COVID safety measures and will answer questions you may have about how these policies will apply this year!

Harper 140

Title: SGFC Funding Session

Presenter: Jess Sjobeck, SGFC Chair, and Sarah Hussain, Student Involvement Advisor

Description: The Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC) is a key source of financial support for many RSOs.  This session will provide an overview of the funding body, including: the timeline and application process, tips and best practices for creating budgets, and a review of key factors the committee considers.  Whether you will be new to the SGFC process or are just looking for a refresher before the new year, this session should help you position your organization for success

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