Student-Centered Initiatives

The Center for Leadership and Involvement provides oversight to a number of Student-Centered Initiatives aside from Registered Student Organizations with the following entities: Pub, Hallowed Grounds Cafe, Ex Libris Cafe, Cobb Cafe, and Harper Cafe. These businesses offer experiences in student professional development as well as other student social support services.

The Pub is located in the basement of Ida Noyes Hall on the corner of 59th Street and Woodlawn Avenue.

The Pub is the University of Chicago’s own private club. Annual memberships are good from September 1 – August 31 and cost $10 for students, alumni and their spouses, faculty, staff and their spouses. Eligible non-members or guests of members must pay $3 at the door.

Come and grab a seat in one of the Wisconsin Oak booths and soak in the University of Chicago ambiance. The walls are adorned with large black and white photos of John D. Rockefeller and William Rainey Harper, a panoramic photo from the Michigan v. U of C game on November 5, 1927, and an aerial view of Hyde Park from 1952.

When the venue opened, there were only 8 beers on tap and 25 bottled beers, but over the years the tastes of the Pub’s diverse clientele have helped shape today’s offerings, with many of the best beers being added at a patron’s suggestion. Today, the Pub boasts 24 taps, 100 + bottled beers, and a wide variety of wines to choose from.

The Pub offers a full menu of standard pub fare, including fish and chips and a variety of weekly specials, like .20 wings on Mondays. There’s even a selection of late-night snacks after the kitchen closes.

The Center for Leadership and Involvementalso provides general oversight for four coffee shops (Hallowed Grounds Coffee Bar, Ex Libris Cafe, Cobb Coffee Shop, and Harper Cafe), which are managed and run entirely by students. The shops offer a great opportunity for students to build experience in professional responsibility, customer service, general management and retail management (focusing on food and beverage). Information about the shops can be found here.