UChicago Leads

Unprecedented times require outstanding leadership. UChicago Leads is still commited to providing you with the resources and support you need to strengthen your leadership capacity and make a difference. 

Leads on Facebook: Follow along for updates on our programs and for leadership development resources.

Leads on Instagram: We'll be offering inspiration from outstanding leaders, both within the UChicago community and in our world at large.

StrengthsQuest for RSO Leaders: RSO leadership teams can still request remote trainings focused on your StrengthsQuest results. We'll talk about team dynamics and how Strengths might show up uniquely when your team is apart.

Leading through Crisis: We're looking for project proposals aimed at creating change and inspiring leadership during a crisis. If you are launching a project in the interest of building community at UChicago, we want to provide you with mentorship and funding. Email Casey Talbot at ctalbot@uchicago.edu to learn more about this opportunity

Strengths and Social Distancing: Check out this awesome resource from Krystal Clark, M.Ed. that highlights each of the 34 Talent Themes and how to leverage them while social distancing. 

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