StrengthsQuest at UChicago

After thorough research of Gallup’s StrengthsQuest™ assessment instrument, we are excited to offer the StrengthsQuest™ Program for University of Chicago students. 

The instrument’s emphasis on identifying students’ top five talents and focused the attention of developing those talents will help students at all stages of their professional development, from a successful transition into University life to assisting with career exploration. The use of this instrument will allow us to begin meeting our goals of providing skill development to the graduate and undergraduate community by empowering our students to invest in their personal success through their engagement with the University of Chicago.

Throughout the year, we will offer StrengthsQuest programming for the University community. If you are an RSO, staff, or faculty member and you are looking to host a training for your organization, please complete the StrengthsQuest Training Request Form.

If you are interested in seeing where the Strengths of UChicago students lie, please see our latest UChicago LEADS StrengthsQuest Report.

StrengthsQuest™ Quick Reference Card

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