Annual Allocations for 2018-2019 is Underway

The Annual Allocations funding process for 2018-2019 funding is now underway with the launch of the required Annual Allocations training module.  This overview will list the primary steps in the AnnAl process, but you should make sure to review our website and other materials for full details. 

Step 1:   AnnAl Training (Mandatory)
Action: Complete video and questions
Due Date: End of Spring Break– 3/23/18

Each RSO that wishes to apply for AnnAl funding must have one member of their budget team complete this 45-minute online training program.  Take some time with your leadership to discuss who the appropriate individual is and make sure they know the deadline, which is the Friday of Spring Break.  If you represent more than one organization, you will need a separate submission for each; you cannot complete the requirement for more than one organization in a single session.

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Due by Friday, March 23th, 11:59 pm



Step 2:   Advisor Meeting (Mandatory)
Action: Schedule via Provided Link
Due Date: End of 4th Week

Your representative who completed the online training will receive an email during First Week with a link to sign up for an advisor meeting.  These meetings will focus on reviewing the mission and goals of your organization overall and how those factor into determining your budget priorities.  Please be prepared for those meetings with a list of what events/programs you plan to apply for.

Which advisor you meet with will be held based on your RSO’s categorization.  You will not need to worry about figuring out your category; your organization will be emailed the appropriate meeting sign-up link.

·         Orange groups will meet with a Peer Advisor
·         Blue and Purple groups will meet with their regularly assigned CLI Advisor
·         Green Groups will meet with an advisor or peer adivsor during pooled meeting sessions
·         All Community Service groups will meet with CSRSO Advisor, Nick Currie.

Step 3:   Budget Workshop (Optional)
Action: Speak to the AnnAl Committee
Due Date: 4th Week

The Committee will be holding open office hours for organizations who wish to ask questions or review their budgets.  This step is not required.

·         Monday, April 16    6 – 9 pm   SG Office
·         Tuesday, April 17    7 – 9 pm   SG Office
·         Weds, April 18        6 – 9 pm   SG Office
·         Thursday, April 19  6 – 9 pm   SG Office

Step 4:   Submit Budget (Required)
Action: Build and submit your budget
Due Date: Sunday, April 22nd at 11:59pm

Log in to the Funding Website, to edit your profile and build your budget.  Funding website access is based on your Blueprint roster.  Your Primary Contact, President, Treasurer, and anyone holding the “Budget Team” role will have access.  For information on how to use the funding website please review the online training and the AnnAl page of the CLI website.

Step 5:   Submit Summary (Required)
Action: Drop off the Budget summary
Due Date: Monday, April 23rd

The summary page for your budget should be printed and dropped off in the Student Activities Center in the lower level of the Reynolds Club, RC 001 the day after the online submission deadline.

Additional details about AnnAl are available on:
CLI AnnAl Page
AnnAl Timeline
The Funding Website
AnnAl Overview PDF