New RSO Leader Resources

If you are just starting in your RSO leader position, following the recommendations on this page will best support the transition to your new role. 

  1. Meet with previous RSO leaders & RSO advisor:
    • Ask about transition documents- this could include meeting minutes, notes from activities/events, constitution or by-law documents, etc. It's recommended these resources are stored on your RSO's Blueprint Document's page.
    • Take notes on their recommendations for what went well or what they would improve.
    • Review relevant RSO financial or budget allocation information- (i.e. if outgoing leaders submitted annual allocation requests, make sure new leaders understand what funding was approved and the committee's expectations. 
    • Introduction meeting with key RSO supports- (i.e. RSO Advisor, frequently used vendor contacts, on-campus faculty or staff, community partners, other RSO leaders, etc.).
      • If you don't know who your RSO advisor is, check your RSO's Blueprint roster.
  2. Update Blueprint's Roster
    • Check your RSO's primary contact is updated. The Center for Leadership & Involvement sends updates and regular communication to the primary contact in Blueprint's roster for all RSO-related information.
    • All new RSO leaders should be added to their RSO's Blueprint roster with the correct "assigned" position so they have access to Organization Management tools.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the CLI policies & resources posted to our website.

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