Recognized Student Organization Resources

Your student organization advisor and the Center for Leadership and Involvement Staff are here to guide your RSO through the benefits and responsibilities of leading your student organization. Here you will find some helpful tools that will support your RSO’s success.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Learn more about the full complement of advising staff (including professional staff members and peer advisors), as well as facility managers, events professionals, and financial administrators who are happy to assist you.

Maintaining Your Organization Status

Leadership representatives from your organization will be required to go through annual leadership training. This training is usually scheduled during the Second Week of Fall Quarter to ensure that you have the tools you need to start the year, meet important members of our staff, and the RSO Leader community, as well as gain more leadership skills.

Organization training varies depending on the scope of your organization (as determined in the Needs-Based Advising Model):

Orange RSOs: 1 Hour Training
Date: See link sent in an email to all Orange Group leaders
Location: South Lounge or McCormick Tribune Lounge (10/17)

Green, Blue, Purple RSOs: SOAR Training

Online Resource Guide

The Center for Leadership and Involvement produces a printed resource guide for RSO leaders to read and use as a tool to help you successfully lead your student organization. Use the Resource Guide in tandem with this website, your advisor, and the Center for Leadership and Involvement staff to help you build a great organization and have a successful year.

You can download the PDF version of the 2019-20 Policy Guide.

Policies for Student Organizations

Read more about the policies that apply to student comportment and activity.

Your RSO Financial Account

Learn more about how to provide your organization the information necessary to secure and manage funds.

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