Welcome to CLI's Leadership Education and Development Series. Also known as LEADS, the central home to the student leadership development programs at the University of Chicago! 

At the University of Chicago, we believe that every student has the potential to be a leader, and we strive to provide opportunities for students to identify and develop the skills necessary to become global leaders who will make a significant impact and transform the world.

The programs and services offered through LEADS seek to develop leadership capacities such as innovation, humility, resilience and adaptability, and interpersonal skills. As the umbrella program, LEADS includes leadership development programs, student organization training, and advising for RSO leaders.

Leadership Development Model

In our leadership development model, we see four essential puzzle pieces that interconnect and contribute to the overall growth of our students.

  • Self-awareness and individual leader development serve as the foundation, empowering students to understand their skill-sets and competence. This self-understanding enables effective group collaboration, which is the second piece.
  • Leadership, we believe, primarily thrives in collaboration and organizational systems, fostering a reciprocal relationship between individual and group domains.
  • Our unique UChicago environment, valuing uncommon thinking and creativity, forms the third piece. Here, students are encouraged to unleash their creative potential in the developmental process.
  • Finally, the fourth piece involves discussing the outcomes of leadership, emphasizing the need for a healthy dialogue within our community to determine the purpose and impact of leadership in our institution.

These pieces collectively form the intricate puzzle of our leadership development model, guiding students on their journey toward becoming effective and innovative leaders.

To learn more about the LEADS Guiding Principles, please visit our Leadership Excellence Pin page.

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