Posting Policy

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The University community may publicize their events in designated areas through several methods. The form and content of the publicity will not be restricted, unless it is libelous, obscene, incites riot or other unlawful action. Event advertising may not include any suggestions of the availability of alcohol. All publicity outside the Reynolds Club must state clearly the name of the organization or department, and if applicable event date, time and location. Violation of the publicity policy will result in consequences ranging from a penalty fine to suspension of the student organization. Complaints and questions must be directed to the Center for Leadership and Involvement Student Activities Center (RC 001, 702-8787).

*POSTINGS (Announcements, Flyers & Posters)*
Anonymous posting is allowed in the Reynolds Club only. These postings must be dated and will be removed two weeks after posting.

Posting must be placed only on designated bulletin boards, no more than one posting per event and the posting should not cover current postings belonging to other organizations or individuals. Individuals should only remove other's postings if the date of the event has passed.  The Center for Leadership and Involvement monitors the bulletin boards in the Reynolds Club and Bartlett Hall only. If a member of the University community has any concerns about postings on campus please contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement Student Activities Center (RC 001, 702-8787).

Chalking to publicize events is allowed only on campus sidewalks that can be washed out by rain. Water-soluble chalk must be used. If a member of the campus community objects to the chalking on a campus sidewalk, please contact the Center for Leadership and Involvement Student Activities Center (RC 001, 702-8787).

Banner paper is available to all student organizations in the Student Activities Center (RC 001).  Paint markers in a variety of colors are also available.  Student organizations must clean up the area when finished.

A maximum of one six-foot banner per organization may be posted in the Reynolds Club, on walls or on the main arches of Mitchell Tower. Please do not cover windows, doors, or wood. Use the rolls of masking tape available from the Student Activities Center to post your banners, and remove banners carefully so as not to damage the walls or architecture of Mitchell tower.  Banners should not cover current banners belonging to another organization. Organizations are responsible for removing banners within 24 hours of the event. Banners with no dates must be removed after a maximum of 2 weeks.

All handbills or leaflets must clearly state the name of the organization or individual. Policies on solicitation and the distribution of handbills and leaflets vary by building.

To post your event on the University online calendar, go to or A listing of events posted on the student events calendar is sent in a weekly email to all students in the College and any other subscribers to the listhost ( Online calendar postings must follow University publicity policy.

*Reynolds Club Digital Vestibule Screen *
Due to the limited time a frame can be displayed on the screen, only certain events will be displayed.  Advertisements for large scale and well attended annual events can be submitted to Derek Bundy at for approval.  All submissions should include the events name and description, the RSO putting on the event, the date-time-location of the event, and any pictures of previous events or RSO members.  All events need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event(s). All submissions should be in jpeg format.  Only events taking place within the next seven days will be displayed.

The College Housing Office must approve table tents for the two residential dining commons (Bartlett and Cathey) and the Student Centers approves the table tents for Hutchinson Commons; table tents are not permitted in C-Shop.  All table tents must be approved. All requests must be submitted a minimum of five (5) days prior to the posting date.  Only three table tents per table are allowed for a display of at most five (5) days. Unapproved table tents will be removed. Table tent advertisement must be for campus events ONLY. All table tents must have the name of the sponsoring student group and the date of removal of the table tent.  

Please contact College Housing at Please contact Center for Leadership and Involvement at

(Posting Policy:  College Housing)

The only posters/flyers authorized to be posted on in-House bulletin boards or elsewhere within a House (other than those posted for House or Hall business) are those approved by a Recognized Student Organization (RSO). Each House has at least one bulletin board that is reserved for the Resident Staff of the House and RSOs may not post their posters/flyers on those boards. There are additional areas where posters/flyers may not be posted in the residence halls/Houses: inside stairwells, inside elevators or on elevator doors, and on student room doors unless the students in that room hang the poster/flyer hung on their own room door. Posters/flyers may not be hung using duct tape, nails, tacks, glue or any semi-permanent or permanent adhesive. Students are encouraged to use "blue tape" for hanging signs as it typically does not damage surfaces. Damages that result from the posting of posters/flyers will be billed to the organization that sponsored the event. RSOs are asked to remove their posters/flyers from the residence halls/Houses after their event has occurred. Flyers and announcements may neither advertise nor refer to the availability of alcohol at a specified event. If a poster contains obscene language and/or pictures, or if Resident Staff deem the poster to be offensive to a particular group or individual, they will remove the poster.

Since many residents wish to be informed of fraternity and sorority events, these organizations may post one flyer/announcement per event, per House. Resident Staff are authorized to remove fraternity/sorority posters that are used to "wallpaper" House bulletin boards and walls, or are distributed directly to student rooms. Resident Staff will use their best judgment in determining which fraternity/sorority posters are suitable for posting in their House.

Door to door solicitation is not allowed. If resident staff members become aware of anyone going door to door to solicit students or to push commercial or other advertising materials under students' doors, they will ask the individual(s) to leave, escorting those involved out of the building, and report the incident to their Community Assistant Director in College Housing.

Violation of the publicity policy will result in consequences ranging from a penalty fine to suspension of the student organization. Complaints against student organizations must be directed to the Student Activities Center (

Please consult the Center for Leadership and Involvement or your RSO advisor if you should have any questions or need further clarification.