External Funding

Depositing Cash and Checks

All dues, fundraising money, debt deposits, or cash income (from vending and ticket sales, for example) MUST be deposited into your RSO account.

You can deposit cash or checks using the forms available in Reynolds Club Room 001 or the Financial Operations Office (RC 006).  You can also work with the Financial Office to discuss collecting credit card payments. The use of online collection systems such as Venmo, PayPal, or Square is prohibited by the University.

Completed deposits should only be turned in at the following locations:

  • Financial Operations Offices (RC 006)
  • The safe in Ida Noyes Room 106

Donations/Sponsorships: Donations must be deposited separately from other funds and need to be deposited within 48 hours.  You should clearly mark the deposit envelope with “Donation”.  Cash donations should include the name and address of the donor so that the University can send a letter of acknowledgment to the donor who can claim the charitable contribution on their taxes.  Please note that it can take up to a month for donated funds to appear in your account on Blueprint.

Cashboxes: Cashboxes for collecting the funds during your event are available to be checked out in RC 006.  Your account will be charged for missing or damaged boxes.

Change: The CLI Finance Office does not provide starting cash or change for your cashbox. If you need change, you should have an individual from your group front the money which they can later retrieve before you deposit the funds. Larger bills can be broken into changes (cash and coin) in the Bursar’s Office.

Transfers from Other Departments (JEs): If a University Department has questions about your account number for transferring funds to your account you should refer them to the CLI Finance Office who can coordinate the transfer.

Notes on avoiding deposit pitfalls-

  • Deposits, especially those including checks should be deposited the same week they are collected.
  • All checks should be made out to the University of Chicago.
  • Checks should be left unendorsed.

Fundraising Guidelines

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