Funding FAQ’s

Only currently recognized student organizations can receive funding through Student Government. Remember, regardless of your group's history or standing, you need to reapply at the beginning of each academic year to maintain your RSO status.

A presentation before the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC) is an opportunity for the Committee to clear up any questions about your proposal. You should be prepared to answer the following questions (this list is not all-inclusive):

  • What does your group do?
  • How big is your group?
  • Can you explain your current financial situation?
  • What is the event? How many students do you anticipate attending?
  • Do you have alternative funding for your event? Who else have you asked?
  • How has this event or similar events performed in the past?
  • What is the cost of this event? Where did you obtain your prices and estimates?
  • Do you have a co-sponsor? Who? What do you expect your co-sponsor to contribute?

No. You must submit budgets before you spend the money. SGFC will not reimburse groups that have spent money before a budget has been submitted and the SGFC recommendation has been approved.

All events must be open to both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to participate. When sponsoring an event using SG funds, it is standard to advertise University-wide.

The budget form lists several criteria which, when applicable, do require that you speak with your advisor before preparing your budget.  Even if you don't meet those criteria, it's always helpful to start working with your advisor early.  If you submit a complex or large budget at the deadline and have not previously worked with your advisor, they may not be able to approve the budget in time for the next meeting.

The 12 noon Friday deadline should be a minimum of 10 days before your scheduled event.  This ensures that your budget is approved by the entire Student Government Assembly

Your allocation is deposited directly into your RSO account.

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