About Us

The Center for Leadership and Involvement is a multi-faceted office that encourages student involvement at the University of Chicago and provides learning opportunities in ways as diverse and valuable as possible, while enhancing the unique culture of the University.

The Center for Leadership and Involvement serves you, your organization, and the University of Chicago community by:

  • Advising over 400 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)
  • Providing financial support and advice for RSOs
  • Providing meeting, rehearsal, conference, and event space and planning in Bartlett Hall, Ida Noyes Hall, Mandel Hall, and the Reynolds Club
  • Scheduling classrooms in Harper Memorial Library and Stuart Hall on evenings and weekends
  • Scheduling the Quads
  • Providing space and support for student-focused businesses including the Pub in Ida Noyes Hall
  • Providing space and support for the student-run coffee shops – Cobb Coffee Shop in Cobb Hall, Hallowed Grounds in the Reynolds Club, and eX Libris in the Regenstein Library

The Center for Leadership and Involvement staff advises student organizations on projects, events, and finances, and advocates and encourages co-curricular student involvement on campus.

Through this broad range of support and services, the Center for Leadership and Involvement provides opportunities for all campus communities to engage in life at the University of Chicago.

We look forward to working with your student group this year to create a community of student leaders who work together to encourage and enrich student life at the University of Chicago!