Summer SGFC

If you are having an event or program over the Summer or in the first five weeks of Fall (before SGFC starts) you will be able to apply to Summer SGFC. Budgets can be submitted via a Blueprint on any Wednesday by Noon and will be reviewed weekly until the Summer Fund has been fully allocated.

Steps for Applying

  1. Develop your event and create your budget: Figure out your event needs, find a venue, then begin to put together a detailed budget.  We recommend working with your Advisor when building your budget.  Be sure to review the Funding Guidelines, and Cost Guide, and when preparing your budget.
  2. Submit your budget: Summer SGFC Budgets are submitted via the Blueprint Finance Module's Funding Request Process.  Your officers with Finance Module access (by default your Primary Contact, President, and Treasurer) will be able to create a Funding Request and upload your budget document for submission.  Budgets must be submitted by Wednesday at Noon to be considered during the following week.
  3. Budget Review: The Summer SGFC committee will deliberate electronically on a weekly basis, and may have questions for you via email.
  4. Receive your allocation: The committee will email you their decision the week following submission to your advisor.  You will receive the committee's final decision including the amount to be funded with an explanation of their decision.

Tips for Preparing Your Budget

  • Read through the SGFC Guidelines to ensure what you are requesting is fundable. Also make sure that your event takes place during the time-frame that Summer SGFC can fund (the summer or first five weeks of fall).
  • Make sure you are not requesting funds for any purchases you've already made. SGFC won't fund to reimburse for purchases you've made before you submit a budget.
  •  When writing your group's SGFC budget request remember to itemize all expenses and include as much detail as possible. The more detail you provide, the better your chances are of having your event funded. This is especially important during the summer when deliberations are electronic and you won't be able to present your budget in person.
  • Be on time! You cannot request any funds for an event that is happening within 7 days of the Friday you submit the budget. This is because the committee needs sufficient time to deliberate and come to an informed decision.

Common SGFC Costs

The Cost Guide gives price ranges for common expenses. Here is a sampling:

  • $8/per person max for food for events where snacks are served
  • $5/ day for Facebook advertising
  • $186 per night for performer/speaker accommodations
  • $0.09 per flyer or photocopy (black and white) 

Additional Resources

Funding Request Process in Blueprint
SGFC Guidelines
SGFC Cost Guide

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