Student Government Finance Committee

SGFC is a committee of Student Government that disperses a certain amount of the Student Government funding for RSO use. The committee meets weekly during Quarters to review RSO funding requests. You can request funds from this committee for an event or even a capital improvement. It is best to speak with your RSO advisor about the specifics of your request, but here are some basic tips.

Steps for applying

  1. Develop your event and create your budget:
    Figure out your event needs, find a venue, then put together a detailed budget on the SGFC request form. We recommend working with your advisor when building your budget. Be sure to review the SGFC-Guidelines, Cost Guide, and other resources when preparing your budget. The Green Events Guide is also helpful when putting together an event!
  2. Submit your budget:
    SGFC Budgets are submitted via the Blueprint Finance Module. Your officers with Finance Module access (by default your Primary Contact, President, and Treasurer) will be able to create a Funding Request and upload your budget document for submission. Budgets must be submitted for review by your advisor by Friday at Noon. (Non-RSO Graduate organizations should submit their budget to Graduate Council. GC will submit budgets via Blueprint on your behalf.)
  3. Present your Budget:
    You will appear before the committee the following Thursday to present your budget. The chair of the committee will email you with the time you are to appear.
  4. Receive your allocation:
    The committee will deliberate and inform you of their recommended allocation. You do not have the final allocation at this point. This allocation has to be approved by College Council before it is confirmed. You will be informed if any changes to your allocation are made by the committees.

Tips for Preparing Your Budget

  • Read through the SGFC-Guidelines to ensure what you are requesting is fundable.
  • Make sure you are not requesting funds for any purchases you've already made. SGFC won't fund to reimburse for purchases you've made before you submit a budget.
  • When writing your group's SGFC budget request remember to itemize all expenses and include as much detail as possible. The more detail you provide, the better your chances are of having your event funded.
  • Be prepared. You'll be required to send a representative from your group to discuss your budget with the committee. This person should be as prepared as possible. This includes knowing the group's current account balance, having quotes for all of the items requested, and, in some cases, having price comparisons on an item.
  • Be on time! You cannot request any funds for an event that is happening less than 13 days from the budget due date. This is because SGFC makes a recommendation to fund your group a certain amount of money that then needs to be approved by College Council of Student Government before it can be allocated to you.
  • Be early even! You can submit a request far in advance of the date of your event. SGFC funds are given out on a first-come, first-served basis so if you know you are going to need funds for an event in Spring Quarter, apply as soon as you can put a detailed budget together.

Common SGFC Costs:

The Cost Guide gives price ranges for common expenses. Here is a sampling:

  1. $8/per person max for food for events where snacks/breakfast are served
  2. $5/ day for Facebook advertising
  3. $186 per night for performer/speaker accommodations
  4. $0.09 per flyer or photocopy (black and white)

Presenting your Budget to SGFC

A presentation before the SG Finance Committee is an opportunity for the Committee to ask any questions they have about your proposal. You should be prepared to answer questions about your event and the specifics of your budget. Some common questions from the committee are:

  • What does your group do?
  • How big is your group?
  • Can you explain your current financial situation?
  • What is the event? How many students do you anticipate will attend?
  • Do you have alternative funding for your event? Who else have you asked?
  • Have you had this event or similar events for you in the past? How did they go?
  • What is the cost of this event? Where did you obtain your price estimates?
  • Do you have a co-sponsor? Who? What do you expect your co-sponsor to contribute?

SGFC Schedule

Important Dates to Remember:
Fridays by Noon: Funding Request Submitted via Blueprint Finance Module
Tuesdays by Noon: Budgets go to the committee
Thursday at 6:30 pm: SGFC Committee meets
Following Monday: Final Allocation Determined by College Council

Fall Quarter 2022: (For Summer or Early Fall see Summer SGFC)

Date Submitted via Blueprint (Fridays)

SGFC Meeting Date (Wednesdays)

Date your event CANNOT be before

October 21

October 26

November 2

October 28

November 2

November 9

November 4

November 9

November 16

November 11

November 16

November 23

If your RSO will have an eligible event or expense in the first two weeks of Winter Quarter (January 3rd through January 18th, 2023), please submit your funding request by Friday, November 18th at 12pm CST. 

Winter Quarter 2023:

Date Submitted via Blueprint (Fridays)

SGFC Meeting Date (Thursdays)

Date your event CANNOT be before

January 6

January 12

January 18

January 13

January 19

January 25

January 20

January 26

February 1

January 27

February 2

February 8

February 3

February 9

February 15

February 10

February 16

February 22

February 17

February 23

March 1

Spring Quarter 2023*:

Date Submitted via Blueprint (Fridays)

SGFC Meeting Date (Thursdays)

Date your event CANNOT be before

March 17

March 23

March 29

March 24

March 30

April 5

March 31

April 6

April 12

April 7

April 13

April 19

*Please note that SGFC funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and all funds have been allocated for the 2022-2023 academic year. Summer SGFC begins the first week of Summer Quarter, the Week of June 12th, 2023.

The Committee

Feel free to reach out to your advisor or a member of the committee if you have questions about the application process or your budget.

SGFC Committee: Visit for committee opportunities.

SGFC Chair - Gaurav Ajmera
Center for Leadership and Involvement Advisor –  Sarah Hussain

Additional Resources

Funding Request Process in Blueprint
SGFC Guidelines
SGFC Cost Guide
Green Events Guide

UChicagoSocial: Center for Leadership and Involvement