Funding Requests

Applying for the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC) and the Community Service fund is accomplished by utilizing the Funding Request feature within the Blueprint Finance Module.

Your members with access to the Blueprint Finance Module will be able to open the Finance page within your RSOs Blueprint Page and click the button to Create a Funding Request.  

The steps to completing your Funding Request are:

  1. Complete the Header
    1. Subject: Your Event or Project Name
    2. Amount: The amount requested from the Committee
    3. Description: A brief Description of your event
    4. Account: Select your RSO Account
    5. Category: Select "Allocation"
  2. Complete the Additional Information
    1. Event Date: The date of your event or program ( must meet committee timeline)
    2. Organization Advisor: Select your Advisor
    3. Committee: Select the committee to which you are applying
    4. Budget Type: Indicate the type of budget you are submitting
  3. Upload your Budget
    1. You can download the budget worksheet for your committee in advance, or you can download it within the Funding Request.
    2. Please answer all questions thoroughly and provide your detailed, itemized budget.
    3. Upload your finalized budget worksheet to the Funding Request.
    4. You can also upload additional supporting documents (optional).
  4. Review criteria that require conversation with your Advisor prior to the final deadline for submitting budgets.  If you meet any of these work with your advisor early.
  5. Confirm that you are able to meet all of the conditions for applying.
  6. Submit your budget and track it's progress in the Finance Module.

Once you have submitted your budget it will be reviewed by your Advisor. They may reach out to you with questions, suggestions, or items that you will need to work with them on before applying.

Once approved by your Advisor the budget is routed to the committee who will contact you with a time to present your budget.

More detailed information about crafting your application is available based on the committee to which you are applying:

Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC)
Community Service Fund (CSF)

UChicagoSocial: Center for Leadership and Involvement