Blueprint for RSO Leaders

BLUEPRINT: Access Resources | Connect Students | Optimize your RSO

Increased Visibility

No longer do you have to struggle to get your name out; Blueprint puts your organization and events in a centrally accessible location for all students to see. You get a customizable profile site, integration with your social media pages, a wall, and the ability to submit news stories to the campus ticker for all to see. And, with “Interests” your organization and events will be recommended directly to students whose interests match your organization.

Membership Management and Elections

Blueprint makes it easy to manage your roster and keep in touch with your members. Students will be able to join your organization through Blueprint and can even be assigned customized officer positions. Blueprint will then allow you to send communications to your membership or even specific subsets you identify, like committees or officers. Then, once your roster has been built, you can use the Elections feature in Blueprint to manage who can vote for your officer positions for next year.

Electronic Storage and Group History

Blueprint offers storage for you to create photo and document archives all inside the system. You can use this storage privately to transition important documentation for your RSO between officers, to store documents for easy access by your members, or even open specific albums and documents to the whole campus so they can learn more about your club.

Electronic Account Access

Blueprint will provide RSO Presidents and Treasurers with an online snapshot of accounts, and the ability to submit payment/reimbursement requests online. For more information please visit the Blueprint Finance Module section of our website.

Virtual Flyer Board

Blueprint allows you to create events and attach flyer images that will be posted on the virtual flyerboard for students to see. You can also collect RSVPs through the system, invite students, add events directly to your Google or iCal, and much more.

Photo Galleries and Social Media Integration

Blueprint allows you to create photo galleries to share with your members as well as with the public. In addition, you can link your other social media feeds to your page to create comprehensive multimedia and informational resource about your student organization.

Accessing your Blueprint Page

Individuals with an officer role registered in the Blueprint roster are eligible to receive access and manage your page. The level of access is determined by the administrative access settings for the specific leadership position held. Assignment of positions, creation of positions, and management of access levels are available in the “Manage Roster” section of your profile page.

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