Event Policies & Resources

Policies and Resources for Event and Activity Planning

We've compiled a list of resources to support planning your activities and events within the University policies. This includes campus-wide events, general board meetings, competitions, fundraising activities, and more. For any additional questions on policies and event planning guidance, contact your RSO Advisor. 

Learn more about how Blueprint's management features can support your event marketing and management. 

On-Campus Resources & Policies

Electronic Resources & Policies

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Apply for additional Funds through SGFC

In order to apply to the Student Government Funding Committee, RSOs must:

Develop and create a budget

Go to the Blueprint Financial Module

Click on “Create Funding Request”

Complete SGFC Budget Worksheet


​Once submitted, your advisor will review the budget. They may reach out to you with questions, suggestions, or items that you will need to work on with them before applying.

For more information about this process please visit the SGFC page.

To ensure the intellectual richness of research and education, the University of Chicago seeks to provide an environment conducive to learning, teaching, working, and conducting research that values the diversity of its community. The University strives to be supportive of the academic, personal, and work-related needs of each individual and is committed to facilitating the full participation of students with a disability in the life of the University.  

RSOs can work to provide resources, support, and accommodations for all students with disabilities and works to remove physical and attitudinal barriers, which may prevent their full participation in the University and RSO community. You can work with your RSO advisor and Student Disability Services to help create an inclusive space for all.

On-Campus Space Reservations

The Student Centers oversee many Event Spaces on campus and works with Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and University Departments. Check out the Student Center's page for Student Groups for general information about using requesting an event space and room lottery information. 

  • Before planning your event, we also encourage your group to review the space rates and policies
  • Check out information on how to make your event accessible.
  • To place a request for space, please use our online scheduling system.

Room Lottery

For student groups that wish to schedule regular meetings in one of our event spaces may enter the quarterly room lottery. The room lottery assigns event spaces for use by student groups throughout the upcoming quarter. Traditionally, Room Lottery Forms for the following quarter are available and must be submitted during 8th week of the current quarter. For more information, please visit our Room Lottery page

Additional Forms & Policies on Space Reservations include: 

How do I purchase food for my event?

There are numerous options for purchasing food for your organization. The earlier in advance that you plan the more of those options are available to you. This chart should help you to understand what food vendors you can utilize based on the amount of lead time you have.

Approval for RSO Travel

All RSO travel outside of the Chicagoland area must be approved, in advance, by your CLI advisor.

The travel policy applies to both university-sponsored travel and individual travel on the behalf of an RSO. This includes, but is not limited to club sports trips, activities of RSOs, and Student Government-funded travel.

What forms do I need to complete to travel with my RSO?

In order to be approved for travel, your RSO must complete the following:

How do I become an approved driver?

Students must be approved prior to driving a university vehicle or driving on university-sponsored travel.To become an approved driver, students must follow the steps below. This process will qualify a student to drive on university-sponsored trips for a period of 12 months.

  1. Make a photocopy of the front and back of your valid U.S. driver’s license.
  2. Complete and sign the Student Vehicle Use Authorization Form.
  3. Submit these documents to your RSO Advisor.

All forms must be completed at least two weeks in advance of the trip in order to be processed.

What are the rules for driving with my RSO?

In order to drive for an RSO, all drivers:

  • Must have a valid license.
  • Must be alcohol and drug-free.
  • Comply with the Student Vehicle Use Policy.
  • Limit the use of the vehicle as authorized and may transport only those on University business.
  • Limit occupancy to the number of seatbelts.

For trips over 250 miles:

  • No driver may operate a vehicle for more than three consecutive hours or more than six hours per day.
  • No student may ride in a vehicle for more than 16 hours within a 24 hour period.
  • At least one person must be awake in the front seat next to the driver at all times.
  • No driving is allowed between 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

Can those not affiliated with the University become approved drivers?

Approved drivers MUST be affiliated with the University of Chicago. However, this includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, or staff.

What if my group does not get travel approval?

Any trip taken without prior approval of you Travel Registration Form, and/or the Driver's Authorization Form, or any other violations of this policy, may result in individual and/or RSO discipline. RSOs will not be reimbursed for travel expenses if it is not approved beforehand.

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