Student Organization Advising

A central component of Campus & Student Life’s mission to support student leaders and student organization is evidenced through the Center for Leadership and Involvement'scommitment to providing accessible, thoughtful advising. As a student leader you have access to an entire team of advisors in the Center for Leadership and Involvement and the larger University community who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

All RSOs are fully student-run organizations. Leadership positions and voting are limited to currently registered students. The role of advisors is to challenge and support organizations through organization development, decision making, policy interpretation, procedural issues, and execution of student initiated ideas.

Needs-Based Advising Model

The Center for Leadership and Involvement uses a needs-based model for advising student organizations at the University of Chicago.

RSO Advisors

Your organization may have an assigned staff advisor. This advisor is here to assist you with funding, event planning, membership management, accessing funds, and much much more. They’re also happy to just have a chat about what you’re working on. Keeping in regular contact with your advisor is a great way to help ensure success.

Peer Advisors

Some organizations are assigned to our team of Peer Advisors. These experienced student leaders are here to provide you with easy access to support for all of your organizational needs.

Financial Advising

In addition to your assigned advisor, the Financial Operations Office can provide extensive support for Treasurers and Student Leaders in managing and operating your University financial account.

Event Planning Advising

The Community Development & Operations staff within the Center for Leadership and Involvement have tremendous experience in identifying venues, planning events, and managing logistics. They are always available to assist your organization.

Faculty & Staff Advisors

The Center for Leadership and Involvement provides generalist advisors who can assist you with fundraising, finance, goal setting, and organizational management. For many organizations, there is also a great opportunity to find a faculty member on campus who is an expert in the particular area of interest explored by the organization. Working with a faculty or staff member on developing the content of your program can be a powerful tool.

Other Campus & Student Life Areas Providing Advising

Numerous office and departments on campus have resources and expertise to assist you in exploring your organization’s mission. We highly encourage you to develop these partnerships were you can. Just don’t forget to keep your RSO Advisor involved so that they can continue to support you and make sure that you’re on the right track.

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