The Blueprint Finance Module

Blueprint is a key financial tool for your organization. The Finance Module hosts the electronic submission RSO expenses for reimbursement or payment via the Purchase Request function as well as the submission of SGFC and CSF budgets via the Funding Request function. 

Blueprint will provide you with a record of all your submitted purchase requests, lists of transactions, and your account balance online.

Important Fiscal Management Note:

The Blueprint system is a separate system, and does not directly interact directly with your University account. Your treasurer will need to compare the Blueprint data with your Transaction Report regularly and inform the Financial Office of any discrepancies to be corrected. Any unresolved discrepancies between the accounts may limit your ability to access funds.

Accessing Blueprint Finance

1. Log in to Blueprint, and navigate to the Action Center by either: a) Click the button next to your Icon on the top right and select the "Manage" cog, or; b) Open your organization page and click "manage" in the top right.

2. Expand the left column of management options and select "Finance". By default your President, Treasurer, and Primary Contact have access to the Finance Module. As with all of the Blueprint features, you can delegate access to other roster positions using the “Manage Positions” function on your Roster.

Reviewing Balances

Within the Finance Module, select the Accounts tab, then click your account name to get details about your balance.

  • Balance:  Amount Blueprint records that you have on account (must be regularly reconciled with Transaction Report)
  • Encumbered Funds: The system tracks and totals here requested PR transactions that are approved but not yet completed.
  • Available Funds: A good operating number, your balance less your Encumbered Funds. Your balance as it appears in Blueprint will determine whether your Purchase Requests can be approved.

While these fields will update in real time as you create new Purchase Requests (PRs) and existing PRs are processed, items not submitted through Blueprint will only be populated on a weekly basis- see the information about transactions below.

Requesting Funding (SGFC and CSF)

To request funds from the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC) or the Community Service Fund (CSF), you will utilize the Funding Request feature of the Blueprint Finance Module.

Requesting Transactions

To request a reimbursement, transfer, or payment, you will utilize the Purchase Request feature of the Blueprint Finance Module.

Reviewing Transactions

From your Account page you can select the "Transactions" tab to review a list of all the activity on your account. This list allows you to review everything that has affected your balance in Blueprint. Here is where you can find transactions not initiated with a Purchase Request: deposits, copy charges, allocations, and departmental transfers. The Center for Leadership and Involvement will upload these transactions on a weekly basis via a system update to help maintain the most up-to-date records for your organization.

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