Needs Based Advising

This model represents a shift from content based advising to holistic student development advising by focusing on individual RSO need. Organizations will be sorted and advised based on their place on a needs spectrum rather than their content category.

The new model creates opportunities for peer to peer advising, an increase in access and efficiency for RSO needs and highlights the importance for training and leadership development. It empowers staff to provide a consultant based approach to advising meeting the unique needs of the diverse portfolio of RSOs.

New Model: In Depth Look

Organizations in the needs based advising model will be placed into the Emergent Cohort for their first year of existence. After one year the group will be assessed by the Center for Leadership and Involvement team and placed into one of four categories on the needs spectrum according to criteria listed below

New Model: Opportunities

The needs based model presents us with several new and exciting opportunities.

  • Building a Cohort of Emergent RSOs – New RSOs present a unique set of developmental needs that must be addressed to ensure a lasting foundation, necessary for future growth and retention. Inclusion into this cohort of emergent groups allows the Center for Leadership and Involvement to pay special attention to group Orientation, establishment of RSO mission, and development of governing documents. This yearly community of RSOs will provide opportunities for collaboration, peer to peer dialogue, and a support network during this critical phase.
  • Developing a Team of Peer Advisors – Organizations at the furthest end of the needs spectrum may not need a designated staff advisor to provide support to meet their specific needs. These organizations often require mostly procedural or transactional advisement that can be accommodated by a team of  advisors, trained through the Center for Leadership and Involvement. These advisors will be "on duty" during peak times in the Student Activities Center to allow increased access by RSOs. This team will provide an invaluable leadership development experience for seasoned student leaders looking to give-back to the RSO community on campus. 
  • Tailored Training and Resources for All RSOs – The needs based model allows the Center for Leadership and Involvement staff to hone in on the exact resources and training that is appropriate for each organization based on their position on the needs spectrum. Required student leader training will be transformed from a single event where involved students are given a scatter-shot training that covers a wide variety of topics to a sleek, targeted training that engages students on the level that resonates with them. Training for groups with mostly transactional need could be accomplished electronically, completely eliminating the need for an in-person session.

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