High Profile Events

What constitutes a High Profile Event?

If your RSO is hosting an event that meets one or more of the following criteria, reach out to your RSO Advisor to discuss next steps:

  • Expected audience of 300+ 
  • Invited guest(s) who may be distinguished, eminent, important, etc. (government officials, celebrities, etc.)
  • Invited guest who requires/requests security
  • Activity or event with the potential for protests or disruptions
  • Event which may garner significant media attention

Expectations for a High Profile Event:

If your RSO is holding an event that qualifies as a High Profile Event (HPE), you must reach out to your RSO Advisor at least 3 weeks before the event to initiate the following steps:

  • Request for Dean on Call (DoC) event support
  • Request for a HPE review meeting
    • After meeting with your RSO Advisor to submit the DoC form, they will request a meeting on your RSO's behalf with the following people in attendance: your RSO advisor, RSO leadership, Dean on Call, UCPD, a venue representative
    • May also include University Communications depending on the nature of the event
    • During this call, the advisor and students will review the event plan and answer questions concerning setup and safety
    • If it is determined during the HPE review that security should be present, RSO leaders should work with their RSO Advisor to submit an Event Security Request Form
  • For RSO High Profile Events, University staff presence will be required 

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