Virtual Event Resources

How to submit an event on Blueprint: (1) Login (2) Click on your "RSO Profile" (3) Navigate to "Events" on the Organization Tools section (4) Click "Create Event" (5)Fill out the form & submit.

Below is a list of resources and suggestions for managing your RSO in a virtual space. CLI advisors are also available to answer questions about how to engage members, host remote activities or events, or general support for RSO leaders. 

Virtual Event Planning Process


  • Decide on the type of event/activity.
  • Select the platform to host your event.
  • Create a plan to market your event.


  • How does your event:
  • Align with the RSO Mission
  • Include others keeping in mind accessibility.
  • Facilitates community-building.


  • Go to your organization's page then, click Manage > Organization Tools > Create Event.

When hosting virtual events/meetings, we hope all RSOs will take into consideration the following tenets: 

  • The event aligns with the organization’s mission and purpose
  • The event helps facilitate the building of community 
  • The event is as inclusive as possible. Please consider technology access, time zone differences, access to supplies, how you are promoting the event, etc.
    • See our step-by-step tutorial for Submitting Virtual Events on Blueprint here.

Zoom is free and available to all UChicago students. Zoom can also be used to screen-share with up to 300 people, allowing you to host lectures or webinars.

Google Hangouts is free, allows up to 250 people on a call, and can be recorded (until June 1st).

Use fun Zoom Backgrounds to liven up your meetings!

Review this infographic for virtual event planning recommendations.

  • Host a virtual election using Blueprint.  
  • Save your materials on Box or Google Drive.
  • Blueprint Documents allows shared storage space for organizational files.
  • Host a transition retreat online and work with your advisor to make sure new leaders have access to online resources.

Track projects, tasks, and goals and communicate with fellow RSO members with sites like TrelloSlack, or Microsoft Teams.

Looking for a common time to meet? Use a resource like When2MeetDoodle, or WhenIsGood to schedule RSO meetings or events. Remember to collect time zone information from your members. 

Collect feedback to plan programs/activities by polling your members:

Virtual Activities & Events

  • Create a podcast using Anchor, an all-in-one platform, where you can create and distribute your podcast from any device, for free.
  • Engaging Members Virtual Resource Tutorial.
  • Interesting in facilitating a networking event? Check out SpatialChat.

Virtual Icebreakers 

Ideas & Resources for how to recruit members remotely:

Ideas & Resources for how to engage members remotely without needing to spend more time on Zoom:

  • Create a collaborative playlist, book list, “movies of the month”, podcasts to listen to, etc.
  • Make a raffle or challenge for doing activities off zoom through social media.
    • Photo Challenge
    • Scavenger hunt
    • TikTok Challenges
  • Make a scavenger hunt that could be played anywhere:
    • Support a local store
    • Find a new park
    • Search for a historical landmark in your neighborhood
  • Share recipes – cooking, baking, snacks, etc.
  • Start a Facebook group, slack channel, or GroupMe for more ways to connect off zoom.
  • Use Wakelet to share websites and other online resources.
  • Totally Zoomed Out by SongDivision 

Ideas and resources to add a gaming or competition element to your virtual events:

  • Create a social media raffle through IG stories, Facebook polls, questions, or other posts.
  • Create a bracket challenge (*search bracket challenges on Pinterest)
  • Lookup a TikTok challenge to use as an icebreaker
  • Create an online scavenger hunt
  • Custom Trivia Games with Kahoot or another online platform

Have a suggestion on another resource or platform for RSOs to use? Email your CLI Advisor!

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