To keep your RSO active for each academic year, you must fully complete the Blueprint re-registration process. To re-register your organization, log into Blueprint with your CNetID, click "Manage Organization" from your RSO page, and you'll see the blue button to re-register.

Re-registration must be completed by 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023.

Connect with your RSO Advisor if you have any questions! 

RSOs must complete the Re-Registration form on Blueprint by the designated due date in Fall Quarter of each year. RSO Primary Contacts, Presidents, VPs, and Treasurers AS LISTED ON THE RSO’S BLUEPRINT ROSTER can find the button to re-register using the following steps:

  • Log in to Blueprint
  • Go to your RSO’s Profile. Here, you will see the ‘Manage Organization’ button in the top right 
  • On your RSO’s ‘Manage Home’ page, you will see a section about Re-Registration and the due date for submitting. Click the blue ‘Re-Register’ button to complete the form.

There are several requirements your RSO must meet during the Re-Registration process. Review these requirements below:

  • Constitution/By-laws Requirements
    • The RSO leader completing Re-Registration should have a final, updated copy of your RSO’s Constitution/By-laws for the year as they will need to upload this document when completing Re-Registration. Please review, and if you so choose, use our Sample Bylaws to aid in creating your RSO’s Constitution/By-laws. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE STATEMENTS THAT APPEAR IN ITALICS ON THE SAMPLE BYLAWS.  IF THESE ITEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED, YOUR CONSTITUTION/BY-LAWS WILL BE REJECTED AND YOU WILL NEED TO RESUBMIT THEM TO MAINTAIN ACTIVE RSO STATUS:
      • Membership shall be open to all UChicago students and must comply with the University of Chicago’s non-discrimination statement.
      • Our RSO is open to all interested students, regardless of divisional or departmental affiliations.
      • Voting membership is limited to currently registered UChicago students.
      • Officers must be currently registered UChicago students.
      • All RSO funds will be deposited into our university account.
      • Our organization will ensure that there is no participation in hazing activities and will abide by the University's Hazing Policy.
  • Membership Requirements
    • Your RSO must be open to all students at the University of Chicago and comply with the University’s non-discrimination statement. There should be at least seven (7) individuals who have accepted membership to your RSO’s Blueprint roster as this is the required minimum membership for an active RSO. 
  • Roster Requirements
    • In an effort to better understand who is involved in the RSO community and improve our communication strategies with involved students, we are asking that you please invite all students involved with your RSO to join your RSO’s Blueprint roster after completing the Re-Registration form. Please remove individuals who are no longer involved with your RSO or attending the University of Chicago from your RSO’s Blueprint roster.

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