Annual Allocations Training Materials

2020 Annual Allocations Training

As you begin the process of applying for Annual Allocations it will be important for you to review all the available training materials and Resources. Once you’ve reviewed these materials please reach out to your Advisor or the Chair of the committee with any questions.

Advisor Meetings

All RSOs are required to meet with an advisor to complete the annual allocation process. Meetings will take place 1st - 3rd week of spring quarter. A link to sign-up for a meeting will be available March 16th. Green Group meetings will take place on the following dates/times. No sign-up required.

March 31st: 3pm - 6pm
April 8th: 4pm - 7pm
April 13th3pm - 6pm
April 23rd: 3pm - 7pm

2020 TedEd Training Opens on 03/09

The training website will open 10th week of Winter Quarter. Please review the videos included below as needed while you work on your budgets.

Training Videos - For Reference Only

These are for your reference, but remember that you must complete the online training module on TedEd for your RSO to be eligible to apply for AnnAl funding.

AnnAl Training Part 1: Overview

AnnAl Training Part 2: The Funding Website

AnnAl Training Part 3: Building Budgets

AnnAl Training Part 4: Post-Award Steps

Overview Documents

Annual Allocations Overview (PDF)
SGFC Guidelines (PDF) - applies to AnnAl as well
SGFC Cost Guide (PDF) - applies to AnnAl as well

Additional Resources

Annual Allocations Page
Annual Allocations Timeline
RSO Funding Website

UChicagoSocial: Center for Leadership and Involvement