Annual Allocations

Annual Allocations occurs once each year from late Winter to Mid-Spring Quarters to allocate funds to RSOs for their events and programs planned for the following year.  AnnAll is a companion funding body to SGFC, and each event can only be funded through one or the other.

Annual Allocations happens on a strict timeline that you should make sure to review so that you don't miss any required components of the application process. Though the Community Service Fund is a separate funding committee and funding pool, both Annual Allocations and CSF Annual Allocations will be run through this single process.

Note that any allocations made by the Annual Allocations and CSF Annual Allocations committees is contingent upon an RSOs completion of the required re-registration and training process which occurs each Fall Quarter through the Center for Leadership and Involvement. If an RSO fails to complete re-registration and training during Fall Quarter, any AnnAll funding they were given is subject to reduction or cancellation.

Annual Allocations 2024 Overview
Annual Allocations FAQ
RSO Funding Website
Annual Allocations Training
Annual Allocations Timeline and Deadlines


In order to be eligible for Annual Allocations funding your RSO must:

  1. Be an RSO with "Active" status in Blueprint. If your RSO is searchable in Blueprint without logging in you are "Active". See your RSO Advisor for questions about your RSO Status.
  2. Be at least 1 year old.  RSOs approved this academic year will not be eligible for AnnAl. You will be able to secure funding for next year through SGFC.
  3. Request funds for events that fall within the purview of the committee. For instance, sports clubs have a separate funding body so they are ineligible to apply for AnnAl. If you have questions about what is eligible for funding you can contact your advisor or the Annual Allocations committee.
  4. Complete an online training form to be released 8th Week of Winter Quarter. The training should take approximately 45 minutes, and each RSO must complete this training by the end of Spring Break.
  5. Sign up for and attend an AnnAl advisor meeting during First, Second, or Third Week. To sign up for these meetings you must have completed training. Meeting sign-up links will be emailed out the last week of Winter Quarter.
  6. Submit a budget via the online request system at by the posted deadline.

Budget Presentations and Committee Review

Once the deadline has arrived, all submitted budgets for groups who have met all of the Annual Allocations eligibility requirements are available to the committee. The committee will meet over several days during 4th Week.

Unlike SGFC, not all organizations will make a presentation to the committee. Only RSOs in the Purple Category of the RSO Advising Model will be scheduled a time to meet with the committee. For other organizations, careful completion of your application and the use of the optional Budget Workshops will be key to making sure your plans and concerns are understood.

The Committee

The AnnAl committee is selected from the student body by Student Government, and consists of student government and RSO representatives drawn from both undergraduate and graduate/professional student populations.

2024 Annual Allocations Committee:
Jian Park - Chair
Lauren Harris - CLI Advisor

Announcement of Funding Decisions

The committee's funding decisions will be available to you in the funding website at the stated time. Note that the deliberation and decision announcements may be different for Community Service Fund AnnAl requests.

You can review your allocations by logging in, and on the bottom of your RSOs funding page select "View Final Allocations".

Appeals Process

You will have the opportunity to appeal any decision reached by the committees. If you feel your budget, priorities, or revenue sources were misunderstood by the committee, we recommend reaching out to your advisor and the committee chair right away. Formal statements of appeal (based on the originally submitted budget) will be due to your Advisor and the Committee Chair 24 hours following the announcement of funding decisions according to the posted deadlines.

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