Office and Storage

The Center for Leadership and Involvement maintains several enclosed, shared, and private offices for use by student organizations in the Reynolds Club and Ida Noyes Hall, as well as securable storage spaces in various sizes in the Reynolds Club. You may apply for an office or storage space during Annual RSO Re-Registration in Spring Quarter. Space is allocated based on availability and demonstrated need. Each allocation is for the current Academic Year only, and each group needs to reapply for space each year during Spring Facility Request.

Policies for Reynolds Club Office and Storage Space


Recognized Student Organization (RSO) office and storage spaces are to be used for administrative and business-related purposes and/or as resource centers. Occupants shall be allowed access and usage of their assigned office at any time. Activities that displace RSOs and/or infringe upon other RSO’s ability to use a shared office are prohibited.

Office Furniture/Equipment

The Reynolds Club Facilities Office will provide office furnishings, within reason, to meet the basic needs of an organization assigned office space.  Furnishings generally include multipurpose tables, chairs, trash, and recycling bins. Furnishings beyond this are subject to administrative approval. All office furniture and other property of the Reynolds Club must remain in its designated office. All requests for exceptions must be made in writing to the Assistant Director for Community Development & Operations, Derek C. Bundy at (“In writing” includes e-mail messages.)

Telephone/Network Access

Each RSO will be provided with one data line access in the office they occupy. All telephone costs are the responsibility of the RSO. If at any time a voice line or data lines or upgrades in services are needed, then a request must be put in writing to the Assistant Director for Community Development & Operations, Derek C. Bundy at, stating why the connection or service is needed. Organizations are responsible for supplying their own computer and Ethernet connective device. Any problems with the connection should be reported to the Reynolds Club Facilities Office (Room 006).

Office Maintenance

Requests for repairs to furnishings or fixtures must be made in writing and submitted to the Assistant Director for Community Development & Operations, Derek C. Bundy at


Good standards of housekeeping will be expected at all times. Facilities Services staff will be entering the offices on a regular basis to vacuum and to empty trash and recycling bins.  Failure to maintain an office in good order so that housekeeping staff can routinely remove trash and clean floors may result in the termination of the assignment.

Posting Policy

In order to maintain the aesthetics and condition of Reynolds Club, the use of nails, thumbtacks, tape, or adhesives on any surfaces other than bulletin boards and designated posting areas is prohibited. This includes walls, doors, and glass areas. Damage to the facility will be billed to the RSO(s) at repair or replacement cost.

Office Access

RSO Offices are assigned a keycode, which is reset annually and distributed to RSO leadership once a signed office contract is received at the start of each academic year.

RSO Storage Access

Stop by the Reynolds Club Facilities Office (RC 006) to check out a key to the RSO storage room. You will need an ID to check out the key.

Building Hours

The Reynolds Club building hours can be found here.


All groups receiving office space will be assigned an RSO mailbox in the Student Activities Center (Room 001). Mail for student organizations should be addressed as follows:

Reynolds Club, RSO Name, 5706 S. University Ave., Chicago IL 60637.

Please be aware that any mail without the RSO name will be returned to sender.


No food or beverages may be stored in RSO lockers. No open or unwrapped food or beverages may be stored in RSO offices.


Alcohol is prohibited within RSO offices and storage spaces.  For information on planning an event with alcohol at the Reynolds Club, please visit our Alcohol Policy.


The Reynolds Club is a non-smoking facility, including the basement and RSO offices.

Flammable Materials

All RSO space will be checked periodically for openly flammable situations or possible fire/safety hazards. Any materials that pose a possible danger will be discarded, and the organization can be subject to termination from its space. Student organizations must keep their space in an orderly fashion, in compliance with local safety and fire codes.

Sanctions and Termination

Sanctions – up to and including loss of assigned space – may occur if an RSO does not conduct its activities in accordance with the provisions expressed above or as indicated under specific policies regarding office space. Assignments are subject to termination at any time by reason of improper use of the facilities in terms of the purposes for which the facilities were assigned. Use of office/storage space will be monitored by Reynolds Club staff on a quarterly basis. Groups which are not actively using their space may lose their space.


Under no circumstances may a group sublet some or all of their space without specific written approval, in advance, from the Assistant Director for Community Development & Operations, Derek C. Bundy at


Grievances must be submitted in writing to the Assistant Director for Community Development & Operations, Derek C. Bundy at

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