Copying and Printing

Your organization may have a need to print/copy flyers, programs, agendas, or other materials. The Center for Leadership and Involvement offers in-house printing for your RSO that is directly billed to your RSO Account via your Copy Code. Additionally, you can utilize on and off-campus resources such as the Graphic Arts at the PSD or FedEx Office.

Your RSO Copy Code

Each RSO is assigned a copy code for use of the copy machines in RC 001. This code allows for the direct deduction of copy charges from your RSO account at the end of each quarter. Your President and Primary Contact can retrieve your copy code from Blueprint in the “Edit Profile” section of your RSO Page.

For pricing information see our page on the Student Activities Center.

PSD Graphic Arts

The Physical Sciences Division has a Graphic Arts center that your RSO can engage for design and printing services. These include booklet making, large format printing, and much more. For more information visit Graphic Arts 2.0.

Kinko's/FedEx Office

The Kinkos/FedEx Office (location on 57th street) offers a discount for University of Chicago students and RSOs.  When you please your order, let them know that you are with the University to receive the discount.  Purchases at Kinkos/FedEx are reimbursable (submitted through Blueprint) or, if it is a large order, you can work with your RSO advisor to charge the order on their University credit card.

Other Printing Options

If you are planning to print outside of these methods, it is important to remember that while photocopying and simple printing are reimbursable, anything beyond basic printing is considered a service and is not reimbursable. For booklets, large format posters, pens/stickers, t-shirts, and other printing of this type please review the list of Purchase Order Approved Vendors for printing and the process for issuing Purchase Orders.

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