Marketing & Communication Resources

Information Technology Services maintains a server for RSO websites. A website can be a great way to publicize your group on- or off-campus, or to share your accomplishments with others around the world. You can apply for a new free RSO website url, update the administrators for your RSO website, or read information from ITS about managing your website on our Websites page.

RSOs can use mailing lists to announce events and/or discuss projects and issues.  You can apply for or administer a listhost for your organization at  Be forewarned, though, that discussions, unorganized emails, or high email volume over a primary mailing list may not be appreciated by all.  Consider creating separate lists for those interested in discussion or internal conversations (e.g. board members, highly active members).

RSOs may submit information about their events to the Student Events Calendar and Blueprint's events calendar.  These calendars can be viewed online by the University community as well as the public.  The Student Events Calendar is distributed to all students via a weekly email and excerpts are posted on the Center for Leadership and Involvement website.  You can also submit your events to other calendars at the same time (e.g. the Arts calendar).  To add an event or view the Student Events Calendar visit

No longer do you have to struggle to get your name out; Blueprint puts your organization and events in a centrally accessible location for all students to see. You get a customizable profile site, integration with your social media pages, a wall, and the ability to submit news stories to the campus ticker for all to see. And, with “Interests” your organization and events will be recommended directly to students whose interests match your organization.

Review the University's Posting Policy for information on:

  • Approved posting locations for posters/flyers
  • Banners
  • Chalking
  • Solicitation and Distribution of handbills or leaflets
  • Online Calendar
  • Reynolds Club Digital Vestibule Screen
  • Table Tents in the Dining Hall
  • Housing

Learn more about in-house printing for your RSO that is directly billed to your RSO Account via your Copy Code. Additionally, you can utilize on and off-campus resources such as the Graphic Arts at the PSD or FedEx Office. See our complete list of external printing and marketing vendors here

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