The Blueprint Financial Module allows you to submit a Purchase Request (PR) online to request a financial transaction for your organization.

With the  PR system, it will be more important than ever that your treasurer and other financial representatives do a thorough job completing financial forms. Forms that are vague, incomplete, incorrect, or have insufficient documentation attached will be "Denied" and you will have to start over. Make sure to review the documentation requirements outlined in the Spending Funds section work with your Advisor and the Financial Operations Office if you are unsure what you should be submitting.

Download our Blueprint Finance Quick Guide.

Preparing to Issue a Purchase Request

The Progress of a Purchase Request

What happens when you create a Purchase Request?

Purchase Request Statuses

Statuses are extremely helpful in understanding your PR's progress. When your PR's status changes you will receive a notification via your Blueprint Mailbox. That notification will contain comments to let you know what further action is required from you. For example, you may need to submit hard copies of some of your documentation before the request is processed.

Purchase Request Stages

The progress stages in Blueprint are important in helping you to understand the status of your Purchase Request. They provide information about who is currently reviewing your request and what action you can expect to see next.

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